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Events Categories: Research Event

NOIR Workshop Infrastructure of the Governance of Regions: Focus on Water and Energy

29 September 2020

This event is part of the RSA Research Network on Infrastructural Regionalisms (NOIR), as the event is funded through this grant. Follow the RSA research Network on Infrastructural Regionalism (NOIR) on Twitter: @NOIR_RSA

Regional Studies Association Research Network on Citizen Entrepreneurship (RSARNCE) Workshop

26 June 2020

The workshop is open to and could benefit researchers who wish to explore new ground in regional entrepreneurship, regional economics and economic geography, regional innovation, and other social science disciplines. The workshop should also be of value to policy makers and practitioners engaged in working with and involving citizen engagement in local projects.

Cultural Production and the Contemporary Visual Narratives of Migration, Refuge and Borders - CANCELLED

25 May 2020

This event is part of the Politics of Displacement, Identity and Urban Citizenship in Migratory Context Research Network, as the event is funded through this grant. The 2020 conference is hosted by the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

#CPnet Workshop: The Social Dimensions Of Cohesion Policy - CANCELLED

20 April 2020

This workshop will be held under the auspices of the Regional Studies Association’s Research Network on EU Cohesion Policy, co-organised with the Network`s partners and hosted by Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Lisbon.

Participatory action research and ethnographic theatre: I Am Rohingya: Staging a Genocide

10 March 2020

This event is part of the RSA Research Network on Politics of Displacement, Identity and Urban Citizenship in Migratory Contexts, as the event is funded through this grant. In this workshop, Yusuf Zine will present on participatory action research and ethnographic theatre as research methods.

International and Internal Migration: Challenges and Opportunities in Europe

16 January 2020

This event is part of the RSA Migration, Interconnectivity and Regional Development (MICaRD) research network, as the event is funded through this grant. The 2020 conference is hosted by the Gran Sasso Science Institute area of Social Sciences.

Network Approaches to Polycentric Urban Development

14 December 2019

This workshop aims to explore the intersections between two related bodies of literature: polycentric urban regions (PURs) and network approaches to the analysis of regional urban systems.

Defining the Terrains of Regional Infrastructure

25 September 2019

These special sessions will formally launch the RSA Research Network on Infrastructural Regionalisms (NOIR).

Planning and Governing Polycentric Urban Regions

3 September 2019

We are keen to attract papers which offer new insights into the effectiveness of the polycentric regional development model in general, and a particular focus on the planning and governance of PURs.

Community Data Training Workshop

13 July 2019

A half-day of training and workshop on community-based data collection.

APCUS Human Rights Training Workshop, Vanuatu

11 July 2019

A half-day of training on human rights, urbanisation, and climate change.

Special Session at the Pacific Urban Forum: “This is Our Garden Now” - Urban Belonging and Resilience in the Pacific

1 July 2019

A conversation with Dr. Chitra Massey, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

21 June 2019

This event was organised by the RSA Research network on Academic-Practitioner Collaboration for Urban Settlements, South Pacific.

Geography, Finance and Uneven Development

15 May 2019

6th FINGEO Global Seminar

Towards Coastal Resilience & Sustainability - Activating Real Coastal Transitions

12 April 2019

Conceptualising, Identifying and Analysing Polycentric Urban Regions

28 January 2019

5TH REHI WORKSHOP: A Historical Perspective on Multi-Level Urban Economic Development Policy

29 November 2018

XV Seminario Internacional de la Red Iberoamericana de Investigadores sobre Globalización y Territorio (RII)

28 November 2018

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