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Events Categories: Webinar

Whatever Happened to Uneven Development? in Conversation with Professor Jamie Peck and Dr Marion Werner

16 December 2020

Entrepreneurship and Regional Growth in the Long Run

25 November 2020

This webinar see's Professor Michael Fritsch, Professor David B. Audretsch and Professor Maryann Feldman speaking about Entrepreneurship and Regional Growth.

RSA Global Webinar Series

2 November 2020

Join us on a virtual journey across the globe. There will be stops in different territories, bringing together the Regional Studies communities.

Pathways to a Green, Equitable, Covid-19 Recovery

28 October 2020

This webinar see's Professor Joan Fitzgerald speaking about Pathways to a Green, Equitable, Covid-19 Recovery.

Global Value Chains and Regional Recovery after Covid-19

30 September 2020

This webinar will offer an overview of the most recent insights on the link between Global Value Chains and regional development. The Policy Panel will discuss how public policies for cities and regions (including Smart Specialisation) have changed and will further evolve in response to a global economy in constant transformation.

The New Reality of Teleworking: People, Firms, Places

3 September 2020

This webinar is organised in collaboration between the Spatial Productivity Lab at the OECD Trento Centre for Local Development (an integral part of Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities) and the Regional Studies Association. The webinar represents the 9th Meeting on Spatial Productivity for Regional and Local Development and is part of the RSA’s Regions Cities Industry Webinar Series. The webinar brings together experts from academia, policy and policy research to share insights and discuss the impact of COVID-19 on teleworking/ homeworking and how the increase in working from home has affected mobility, productivity, wellbeing and local public policy. The webinar provides time for questions and discussion, is open to all and is free to attend.

Geopolitics in an Anthropocene and Pandemic Era: In conversation with Professor Simon Dalby

24 June 2020

This webinar will see Professor Klaus Dodds, Editor-in-Chief, Territory, Politics, Governance in conversation with Professor Simon Dalby.

"Nothing New under the Sun" How the Past Informs Today's Policy Responses

27 May 2020

Presentations and discussions in this webinar will analyse how history has shaped arguments in regional development and policy, the context for debate and provides reflections on what might be useful avenues for research looking forward.

Global Pandemics, COVID-19 and the Small Business Economy

14 May 2020

The next webinar in our Regions Cities Industry Series is a timely presentation on Global Pandemics and the Small Business Economy.

RSA Professional Development Webinar Series

6 May 2020

This new webinar series offers training and support for skills, knowledge and professional development on a variety of topics.

2020 Regional Studies Annual Lecture

29 April 2020

The Regional Studies Annual Lecture is the first in a series of webinars that will take place every month.

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