Peter de Souza, University College of Hedmark, Norway
Michael Danson, University of Paisley, Scotland
Anne Lorentzen, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Gary Bosworth, Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln


The aim of this Research Network is:

  • To extend and deepen the conceptual development of the concepts of peripherality and marginality.
  • To develop and explore the theoretical underpinnings to analyse these concepts within, though not exclusively, northern Europe.
  • To identify gaps, initiate studies and promote collaboration in empirical research and other investigations into peripherality and marginality.
  • To assess critically strategies and policies of development in peripheral areas.
  • To disseminate results, good practice and networking activities across the RSA and beyond.
  • To extend, stabilise and improve the inner functioning of the network.
  • To consider the role of borders and border regions in this particular context and to determine whether a reorientation away from their incorporation with peripherality and marginality is desirable.



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