• John Gibney – Local and Regional Development Group, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, England
  • Markku Sotarauta – Department of Regional Studies. University of Tampere. Finland
  • Andrew Beer – School of social Sciences, Geography, Environment and Population, University of Adelaide, Australia


There is a rapidly growing interest in better understanding the contribution of (formal and informal) leadership to the continuing shaping and re-shaping of cities and regions. This 2nd Phase (2010/2011) of the RSA leadership research network aims to incorporate leadership and related concepts within the wider urban and regional development studies debate(s). The suggestion is that to truly understand and construct regional advantage – we need to investigate in more depth what it is that leaders at all levels actually do, how and why as they seek to transform and re-invent their cities and regions.

The overall aim of the network is to surface and discuss new leadership approaches in/for urban and regional development. The network will bring together leadership, place and economic development/planning discourses – and will look to develop a series of fresh multi-perspective/trans-disciplinary insights that will signpost forward research trajectories for this emerging field of inquiry over the medium term.

The 'combinatorial' learning we hope to engender around leadership theory and practice in the context of urban and regional development will be of direct relevance to the academic and policy communities – and those involved in the design and delivery of economic development, planning and regeneration initiatives 'on the ground'.



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