Martin Sokol, Trinity College Dublin, Department of Geography, Ireland

Zoltan Gal, HAS Center For Regional Studies, Hungary

Dariusz Wojcik, University of Oxford, School of Geography, UK


The key aim of the network is to promote a dialogue between researchers interested in geographies of finance and scholars concerned with post-socialist transformations in East-Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. The network aims to foster synergies between the two research strands and to explore possibilities for new exciting research avenues emerging from such synergies.

The need for a dialogue between geographies of finance and post-socialist studies has been highlighted by the dramatic consequences of the ongoing global financial and economic crisis for both the ‘West’ (US and Western Europe) and the ‘East’ (former state-socialist countries). There is an urgent need to better understand the causes and consequences of the crisis and reflect on ensuing policy lessons. We believe that the topic is of major interest not only to RSA members and a wider academic community, but also to practitioners and policy-makers at local, regional, national, European and international levels.



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