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Follow the Money: The Financing and Financialization of Sustainable Urban Projects in China The recent two decades have witnessed a surge of urban sustainable projects in the global South. Under the guidance of relational geography and “Southern” urbanism, following the movement of planning ideas and policies has been the primary method scholars use to study […]

Knowledge network dynamics in the presence of shocks: A network-based approach to regional resilience My project aims at understanding how regional knowledge networks can stimulate regional economic resilience. This ambition is motivated by theories considering knowledge networks crucial for regions to gain, after a crisis, impetus towards renewal. Yet, empirical evidence on the dynamics of […]

Effects of Indigenous Land Rights on Land Use Decisions Project summary: Responding to calls within Indigenous communities to more closely examine land claims processes, this project aims to understand whether land tenure in Indigenous communities leads to attitudes and policies favoring development or conservation. I will employ a mixed-methods approach combining globally-scaled satellite night-light imagery […]

Can startups solve urban problems? Bridging the geography of innovation, procurement and smart city research Engaging startups in urban sustainability issues (e.g. mobility management, climate adaptation, social integration) is becoming a popular policy ambition in many cities and regions worldwide. The topic has gained a relevant place in regional innovation policy debates and, more recently, […]

Rethinking regional development agendas: Human rights and economic growth into perspective Read the article here – Regional development facing global sustainability challenges Business-related human rights (BHR) infringements are site-specific violations of universal human rights caused by companies as they pursue their economic goals. They include cases of child labor exploitation and modern slavery in global […]

Yehya Serag

Urbanism @ the borders conference, Aberdeen, 5 to 7 September 2018 – Towards an appropriate regional development approach for developing the Halayb – Shalateen border region in the South East of Egypt The city reshaped conference, Leeds, 11 to 12 September 2018 – The International co-organizer of the event, as well as a presentation in a workshop that I […]

The combined New Zealand Geographical Society/Institute of Australian Geographers Conference in Auckland was an excellent conference with scholars and Research Higher Degree students attending representing many parts of the globe. I was thrilled (with the financial support of the Regional Studies Association) to have the opportunity to present my paper in a session on ‘Alternate […]

I thank the Regional Studies Association for sponsoring my travel to the American Association of Geographers (AAG) annual meeting in New Orleans from April 10 to 14, 2018, to present part of my dissertation and network with colleagues. I have presented in the session “Business Geography Student Paper Competition 2”. This is a session organized […]

I am grateful to the Regional Studies Association and its members for supporting my participation in the African Centre for Cities (ACC) International Urban Conference. The conference was held at the University of Cape Town on the 1st to 3rd of February 2018 and celebrated the tenth anniversary of the ACC. My presentation was part […]

I attended the 14th International Congress of Asian Planning Schools Association, held at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China during 12-14 October 2017. And I take this opportunity to thank RSA for awarding me the Travel Grant to participate in the aforesaid international conference. The conference was extremely well organised by the Asian Planning Schools Association and […]

I am very grateful to the Regional Studies Association and its members for supporting my participation in the 2017 Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG) annual conference in Brisbane. I was part of a fantastic Economic Geography Study Group session entitled “Critical Reappraisals of Energy”, where I presented on my PhD research on small hydropower and […]

Reimagining metropolitan fragmentation: The Local Autonomy Project The fragmentation of metropolitan regions into dozens and sometimes hundreds of general-purpose local governments has for decades been at the heart of a debate about optimal metropolitan governance. Scholars have long recognized that fragmentation is a complex concept capable of measurement through multiple dimensions. Early measures focused on […]

Generative Urbanization in Emerging Africa? The Case of Konza Techno City Read the article here – Greenfield cities in Africa: A recipe for generative urbanization? Africa is experiencing an urban transition that raises significant questions as to whether its economies are being transformed structurally.  In Kenya, the prospects seem particularly high as the country has […]

Political Disaffection in Europe’s Rust Belt Regions The aim of this project is to understand how a sustained decline in manufacturing has altered democratic life in affected societies. The central question of the project is: How has regional and local deindustrialization brought about a disenchantment with mainstream politics? The project focuses on two possible mechanisms […]

Regional connectivity through global production networks in Europe and beyond: new policy approaches The assessment of the balance and complementarity between inward and outward global capital flows – in terms of creation/destruction and specialisation/diversification of regional and local economic activities, sectors and functions, employment, skills and innovation – is all the more urgent to enhance […]

The short and long-term impact of migration on regional innovation and technological diversification: An analysis of US cities during the ages of mass migration (1870-1930) Read the Blog article here – The geography of immigrants’ inventive activity in the US during the Age of Mass Migration This project contributes to the literature on migration impact […]

China’s resource-based cities in the shrinking paradigm: population change, economic revitalisation, and urban liveability Traditional planning paradigms have long concentrated on urban growth, and governance has been primarily oriented toward strengthening the role of cities as “growth machines” (Logan and Molotch, 1987). Therefore, officials, urban policymakers and planners tend to stigmatise urban shrinkage. In fact, […]

The electoral bias: distributive politics and local development in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia Read more about this research here: The electoral bias: the political economy of subnational transfers in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia Xabier Gainza & Felipe Livert (2021) The electoral bias: the political economy of subnational transfers in Latin America, Regional Studies, […]

Name of event: International Conference for Business & Economics Title of presentation: The Re-branding of Mid-Sized Post-Industrial Cities – Challenges and Lessons Learned The RSA Travel Grant provided me with financial support to enable me to attend an international conference where I was presenting a paper based on my PhD research into city branding. The conference […]

The Scholarship of Social Engagement Symposium was arranged by the University of Kansas on 20th-21st October, 2016. The symposium had been initiated to bring presenters together for the discussion and dissemination of research on design and work concerning social engagement. The symposium offered the establishment of a global network of scholars who are currently developing […]

Firstly, I am very grateful to Regional Studies Association for awarding me the travel grant that facilitated my travel to attend the conference called Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) Plenary: Piecing Together a Paradigm, organized by the Institute for New Economic Thinking at Central European University, Budapest during 19-22 October 2016. The RSA Travel Grant gave me the […]

The RSA awarded me with a travel grant to attend the 10th International Association for China Planning Conference: Governance and Planning in Transitional China. The conference took place in Beijing from June 30 to July 3, 2016. It was organized in conjunction with Peking University, and was co-organized by The Regional Science Association of China, […]

I’m very grateful to Regional Studies Association for giving me the opportunity to attend to the Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2016 (WIEM 2016), where I presented my work entitled “Ethnic Minority Concentration: A Source of Productivity Growth for Italian Provinces?”. The aim of my paper was to assess the contribution of ethnic minorities to the […]

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I would like to thank the Regional Studies Association for supporting my participation at the 2016 annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers (AAG). The awarded funds covered roundtrip airfare between Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco. The annual meeting of the AAG is the largest international conference for geographers as well as non-geography […]

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