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This was a small conference that is held every year, typically in October. The conference primarily hosts a variety of Japanese researchers who are working on a plethora of topics in regional science, broadly construed. However, every year, a small number of sessions are in English and these sessions frequently attract international researchers from countries such […]

The RSA Travel Grant award enabled my participation at the 2015 Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) that took place in the city of Chicago. The annual meeting of the AAG is firmly established as one of the major international conferences for those doing research in the field of urban and regional studies. […]

Project title: Reverse knowledge spillover and innovation performance of European-invested firms in emerging economies: the case of China’s ICT industry The extant literature on trans-boundary knowledge flows has primarily focused on FDI spillover effects on local firms in emerging economies. However, the issues on whether or not and under what conditions foreign-invested firms can enjoy […]

Project title: Relatedness, knowledge complexity and technological opportunities of regions: A framework for smart specialisation The main aim of this project is to contribute theoretically and empirically to the smart specialisation debate in the regional studies literature. Smart specialisation is the underlying innovation policy concept for Europe 2020 – the EU’s growth strategy for the coming decade. […]

Project title: Evaluating Tech City: Identifying effects on firm entry, employment and rents using difference in difference analysis The project aims to evaluate the economic impacts (if any) of the Government’s flagship Tech City cluster programme in East London between 2010 and 2014/15. To do this I will use difference in differences analysis on a unique […]

Project title: Genomic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa The geography of the global economy has been profoundly transformed in recent decades as manufacturing has increasingly shifted to the global South. Many Southern cities and regions sought to benefit from the “new international division of labour” by attracting foreign investment. In their efforts to lure foreign investors, policy […]

Regional governance and institutional learning processes and their impact on regional labour markets’ resilience to shocks of refugee immigration: Four urban case studies in Sweden and Germany My research will look at learning experiences in Swedish and German regions after the arrival of a relatively high share of war refugees from former Yugoslavia in the […]

Estimating Networks and Spatial Effects in the Social and Geographical Space The RSA Membership Grant Scheme is an excellent opportunity offered by the RSA and an important step to consolidate my research profile within the area of spatial and network econometrics. The funded project is going to model the relative impact of social networks and […]

Citizen engagement and regional democracy This project will assess whether regionalisation contributes to the development of more active civic arenas in the autonomous regions and nations of Spain and the United Kingdom. This research will evaluate whether some institutional settings and political parties as well as the smaller scale of regional politics encourage citizen participation. […]

The genesis of entrepreneurial ecosystems: the case of Atlantic Canada Entrepreneurial ecosystems is the latest buzz word in the lexicon of policy-makers, practitioners and the media and attracting considerable policy focus. Several studies have listed the attributes of entrepreneurial ecosystems. However, the emerging literature on entrepreneurial ecosystems takes a largely static approach, identifying their attributes. […]

Modelling spatial dependence in mortgage credit models The recent financial crisis in the US has generated concerns about credit contagion, that is, how the deterioration of a borrower’s future ability to honour his/her debt obligations can affect the ability of other borrowers to repay. After the housing credit boom in the mid-­‐2000s, the housing downturn […]

The role of regional and local agencies and actors in responding to economic crises and opportunities in New Zealand and Australia This study aims to gain applied and theoretical insights into responses to increasing socioeconomic spatial inequalities in Australia and New Zealand and to assess the degree to which regional and local agencies are responding, […]

RSA members are invited to visit the project blog/website for “Global infrastructure public-private partnerships and the geopolitics of city-regions” at . Read the blog article by Andy Jonas here: Andy Jonas’ interview Where did you hear about the grant? I saw it via the RSA e-bulletin that the Association emails on a monthly basis How did you find […]

Assessing the impact of ‘informal governance’ on devolution in English cities The aim of this research is to investigate the impact of ‘informal governance’ on devolution to English cities post the 2014 Scottish referendum. Informal governance can be defined as a means of decision-making that is un-codified, non-institutional and where social relationships and webs of […]

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The RSA awarded me with a travel grant to attend the 55th European Regional Science Association (ERSA) congress (World Renaissance: Changing roles for people and places). The congress took place in Lisbon from the 25th to the 28th of August 2015. It was organized in conjunction with the 21st APDR (Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento […]

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The  2015 HDCA Annual Conference was set at Georgetown University, in Washington D.C., between September 10th and 13th. The theme of the conference was “capabilities on the move: mobility and aspirations”. It focus was to discuss about results of researchs, experiences and theoretical issues about human development and the Capabilities Approach, in a more broad […]

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From February 26th to March 1st 2015, the Eastern Sociological Society helds a four­day annual conference under the main theme “Crossing Borders” at the Millenium hotel Convention Center of New York, USA. The special focus of the 2015 meeting invited  discussion of the social construction and social impacts of borders dividing individuals, groups, and nations.  […]

Producer adaptations within and beyond global production networks: Agro- food restructuring in the Caribbean In the Caribbean, domestic agricultural producers face growing ecological and economic constraints that are reshaping the prospects for rural livelihoods. These constraints include: (1) declining state support; (2) deteriorating yields associated with climate change and extreme weather events; and (3) a […]

Drivers of industrial rejuvenation in UK and Portugal old industrial regions Dr Jorge Martins on the RSA Early Career Grant: Over the last decades manufacturing in European regions has been exposed to intense global competition, particularly as a consequence of trade liberalisation. Regions with a high dependence on mass-manufacturing and old industrial regions (OIR) […]

Beyond Neoliberalism? The Regional Carbon Markets in China and the Activity of Financial Industry A vast environmental market is emerging from a non-traditional capitalist state, i.e. China. This research will analyse the regional carbon markets being developed in seven designated Chinese cities and provinces since 2013. It will focus on the variations in market activity across […]

Governance for knowledge transfer in the SMEs industrial parks: the case of Sino-European Industrial Parks in Guangdong, China This project aims to investigate the governance mode for knowledge transfer in the newly-emerged inter-governmental collaboration project between China and Europe in one of the most affluent and open regional economies in China—Guangdong Province. Specifically my research […]

Research Title: Public Investment and Social Capital. Do European Structural and Cohesion Funds Enhance Social Capital in European Regions? “The EC grant has enabled me to set aside time to work on my book project, present and discuss related work in progress on international workshops and conferences as well as during a visiting stay, and receive valuable […]

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The travel award from the Regional Studies Association covered the travel expenses for attending the 7th Pan-European Conference on the European Union, 5-7 June 2014, The Hague, the Netherlands, organised by Leiden University.  The bi-annual conference of the Standing Group on the European Union of European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) is, especially in light […]

Image - RSA Default Logo The conference has been a success, contributing greatly to my professional development. During the five days of the conference, I had the opportunity to not only present my work and get feedback and questions on it, but also to be exposed to the latest research in my areas of interest, explore possible opportunities for […]

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