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Negotiating Economic Growth and Geopolitical Risks: Regional Impacts and Implications of Chinese investments in the UK, 2000-2020 This project addresses a major and surprisingly under-addressed gap in regional studies, namely the role of geopolitics in regional economic resilience. Through examining whether subnational regions (firms, local authorities and workers) in the UK are willing to trade […]

Designing Regional Innovation Policies from Innovation Scoreboards This MeRSA project aims to transform the European Innovation Scoreboard into a useful instrument for the definition, measurement and directionality of innovation policies. The project goes beyond the state-of-the-art by developing a technology (i.e. computational software) that measures innovation from multiple perspectives (i.e. glasses): size, efficiency, cross efficiency, […]

Urban Regeneration in Coastal Cities:  Proposing a Strategy for Revitalising Old and Historic Buildings in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Area, Ghana While the concept of adaptive reuse is widely prescribed in the existing literature as a panacea for revitalising derelict buildings, there seems to be a knowledge gap on how it could be useful in Ghana’s […]

Renewable Energy Transition and the Local Economic Development of Lagging-behind Regions Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important in the energy mix, making up to 35% of the electricity production in the EU in 2019, with wind power accounting for 35% of the total electricity generated from renewable sources. There is a need to better […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: Ethnic Food Entrepreneurship and Migrant Inclusion in the UK: the Impact of the Pandemic Ethnic food businesses are often the first point of interaction of all migrants with their local communities, and thus capture in numerous subtle ways the cultural intersections between the local and the […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: Build back better cities for aged people in Europe Covid-19 outbreak has affected mostly people in the second half of their lives, at risk of isolation and loneliness, and whose well-being has deteriorated severely. In this context, the research project aims to assess the suitability of […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: Manage Well-Being to be Innovative in the Covid-19: A study of BAME Small Business Owners in the West Midlands Region, UK Principal Investigator: Bach Nguyen, Aston University, UK Team member: Hai-Anh Tran, Aston University, UK The Covid pandemic has caused chaos for many UK businesses, especially small […]

Exploring the potential of a postgrowth-inspired agenda for urban transport planning after COVID-19 Private cars’ dominant role in urban transport imposes huge health and environmental costs on cities worldwide, with the greatest share paid by more vulnerable citizens, including children and ethnic minorities. Traffic fatalities, reduced space for safe social interactions together with dangerous levels of […]

Disentangling COVID-19 as a driving force of path development processes in Spain This research seeks to further explore path development processes in Spanish regions by analysing the industrial sector’s response to the shortage of medical supplies during the COVID -19 pandemic. This was caused by difficulties in purchasing abroad and interrupted supply chains, especially during […]

Borders reloaded! The impact of rebordering dynamics on European cross-border regionalism The overall aim of the project is to investigate the ways in which the hardening of EU’s internal borders in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more broadly the resurgence of borders in the political agenda of states, affect the ideas underpinning cross-border […]

Will Eadson

Older industrial towns at the frontier of new energy economies Transformation of energy systems in response to decarbonisation pressures is gathering pace. Moving from fossil-fuelled to renewable energy production involves shifts in energy production technologies, resource use and distribution systems, creating distinctive geographies of production. This project seeks to generate new insights into emerging geographies […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: Legacies of transition, populism and compliance with COVID-19 policies. Regional variety in policy compliance across Eastern Europe  The rapid development and severity of COVID-19 crisis has been a test for governments across the world. This project examines government responses to the pandemic within Eastern Europe, a […]

Speculating on Jakarta’s Future: Real Estate and Water Crisis in Jakarta The aim of this project is to understand the role of speculative urban development in generating water crises, and how water crises in turn shape real estate markets in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city. I will use mixed methods, combining remote sensing analysis with interviews, […]

Setting the course for lignite mining regions in transition – Unpacking the pre-formation phase of path creation The current lignite exit in Germany has created a situation in which the dominant industrial path in lignite mining regions is removed and immense structural funds are turning these regions into playgrounds for new path creation. But which […]

Bank Branch Closings and Local SME Economic Activity in Slovakia – Good Servant but a Bad Master? Better access to finance has been shown to improve economic growth, both globally and locally. Yet, the ongoing financialization relying on alternative distributional channels (FINTEC industry) challenges the need for physical presence of credit intermediators, local bank branches […]

The Regional Studies Association commissioned a grant to develop a risk/recovery regional index. The research is led by: Prof. Terry Clower, Director, Center for Regional Analysis, Northern Virginia Chair and Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University, USA Prof. Emeritus Will Rifkin, University of Newcastle, Australia Mr Jacob Irving, University of South Australia, Australia Dr […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: Global crisis, local problems: the UK geography of the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis and response  Research team: Prof Julie MacLeavy, Prof David Manley, Katie Cross and Jamie Evans (all University of Bristol) There are signs that the COVID-19 pandemic has already negatively impacted the […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: Bouncing back or bouncing forward? Place leadership and post-pandemic recovery in European tourism regions Research team:  Laura James, University of Aalborg; Henrik Halkier, University of Aalborg, Cinta Sanz-Ibáñez, Universitat Rovira i Virgili; Nicola Bellini, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa Network participants: Dimitri Ioanides, Mid-Sweden University; Florian Aubke, […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: The growth of remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic and the renewed role of coworking spaces in peripheral areas Research Team: Prof. Ilaria Mariotti (Dept. of Architecture and Urban Studies – Politecnico di Milano) and Dr. Dante Di Matteo (Dept. of Architecture and Urban Studies – […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: The Role of Industrial Density in the Health and Economic consequences of the COVID-19 Crisis Research Team: Dr. Enrico Vanino (Dept. of Economics – University of Sheffield) and Dr. Carlo Corradini (Dept. of Management – University of Birmingham). This research project will follow an interdisciplinary perspective […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: International Higher Education in Crisis: Covid-19 Impacts and Strategies Globalisation’s challenges include a slowing of global trade caused partially by protectionist economic policies and, more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic severely restricted human mobility and cross-border trade. This research project assesses how the current crisis impacts and […]

Constructing markets for new path development. The role of the state.  The aim of this project is to understand the role of strategic or deliberate state action in influencing the demand conditions for new regional path creation. The deliberate creation of markets is a relatively less explored dimension of path creation, both conceptually and in the […]

Does organised crime distort the market for low-carbon energy production? Geographical evidence from Italy. The transition to low-carbon energy sources is considered as one of the key policies to tackle climate change and, to this aim, many European governments have been supporting the transition to renewable energy through subsidies. Growing anecdotal evidence suggests that the […]

 Political decentralisation and regional poverty in the EU There is a growing trend for central governments to transfer political authority to subnational tiers of government, known as political decentralisation, as well as a growing and widely accepted recognition of the important role of governments in reducing poverty. The purpose of this project is to examine […]

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