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In the last two decades, there has been a considerable shift in the patterns of global growth in terms of trade and investment from the “Global North” towards the “Global South” economies particularly Brazil, China and India. However, as a flip side, these upsurged developments and growth are imposing the environmental cost across the globe […]

This blog follows a webinar by Professor Deden who discussed the process of publishing academic books, from start to finish. The session was moderated by Dr. Mennatullah Hendawy, the research lead at Impact Circles e.V. The session aimed at discussing publishing academic books, covering various steps from where to begin to the flow of publishing. […]

This blog is published in support of the recently funded EdgeNet research network. To learn more be sure to catch them (online or in person) for their Edgy Matters paper sessions and launch party at the 2023 RSA Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia: Edgy Matters 1: Experiencing and constructing ‘left behind-ness’ in the periphery and Edgy Matters […]

The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is currently the largest global investment initiative into infrastructures. In this blogpost we present the actor constellations behind two exemplary Chinese funded road infrastructures in two major BRI projects.     To realise the BRI, China makes use of several investment and delivery arms to fund projects, which […]

The growing dominance of cities in our world appears to be inevitable as nowadays the majority of the world’s population lives in cities. Cities not only quantitatively outnumber but are also qualitatively outperforming all other places. This cosmopolitan urban future is, however, increasingly challenged by villagism.   Many big cities profited from neoliberal policies introduced […]

This blog follows the launch of the new book Border Cities and Territorial Development   The new book focuses on territorial development processes associated with border cities. In this light, the 12 chapters cut across not only economic, but also governance and cross-border planning processes and innovation, in both European and North American border cities, […]

In this Youtube video, Professor David Bailey discusses the recent report explored below in this RSA Blog Post.   Back in mid-2020, UK in a Changing Europe published a report on the effects of Brexit on UK manufacturing, analysing the picture up to the point of publication and offering thoughts on the likely effects after […]

This blog follows the launch of the new book: Handbook on Human Security, Borders and Migration. Follow this link for additional promotional material for the book – passcode: &J04F*Gd   Drawing on the concept of the “politics of compassion”, the Handbook on Human Security, Borders and Migration interrogates the political, geopolitical, social and anthropological processes […]

The Government of Canada claims that existing Canadian mining practices are global models for responsible and sustainable mining. But is this the reality in local mining communities in underdeveloped nations?   Canadian Mining Companies and Corporate Negligence Canada is commonly known for its diplomacy. Yet not many know that Canada is the world’s global mining […]

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