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In 2022 the Levelling Up White Paper confirmed that regional inequalities in the UK have been steadily widening over recent decades, and that one of the key drivers of this divergence has been rapidly growing levels of income per head and productivity in London and the South East. However, a recent set of articles have […]

This blog follows the recent release of the book Paradiplomacy in Europe. The cases of Galicia, Åland, Flanders and Greenland.   The idea of the “Europe of the regions”, multilevel governance, and the so-called paradiplomacy (Aldecoa and Keating, 2000) of substate governments is something that has less of a shine than what was the case […]

(Re)Setting the Agenda: Investigating the Gendered Power-relations in the Leadership of Regional Development and Policy-making This project will challenge the masculine-coded forms of place-leadership in regional development by closely examining the different approaches to leadership that exist within regions, and ways in which different conceptualisations of power are enacted and shape policy-making and development visions. “I […]

Staying in or Moving out? – Quality of Life, Interregional Migration Decisions and Covid-19 Although COVID-19 is a global health emergency, it is experienced in local contexts, which may not all be equally equipped to offer good quality of life in pandemic conditions. Exogenous shocks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and associated “lockdown” policies, may […]

Being a member has changed the course of my academic career Dr Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins, Countryside and Community Research Institute, University of Gloucestershire, UK FeRSA & RSA Research Network Grant holder Project: RSA Research Network on Peripheries and Peripherality (EdgeNet) (2023-2026) I joke that I joined the RSA by mistake – I’m from a different disciplinary […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: Understanding Urban Differences in the Spread of Covid-19 and Socio-economic Inequalities: Bogotá, Colombia vs Chenai, India This exploratory study seeks to understand the impacts of Covid-19, considering urban socio-spatial patterns and the context of socio-economic inequalities in the two boroughs of Colombian capital city of Bogotá […]

Small Grant Scheme on Pandemics, Cities, Regions & Industry: Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Green Patents in the Eurozone The project presented here looks at several highly relevant issues that are interrelated and require a joint approach: innovation, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Firstly, innovative investment is considered a particularly relevant topic, since […]

The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is currently the largest global investment initiative into infrastructures. In this blogpost we present the actor constellations behind two exemplary Chinese funded road infrastructures in two major BRI projects.     To realise the BRI, China makes use of several investment and delivery arms to fund projects, which […]

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Dates: March 22-23, 2023, 10:00 – 17:00 (GMT+2 Kyiv) Location: Kyiv National University of Economics named after Vadym Hetman (Kyiv, Ukraine). Scientists and academic staff, students of higher education institutions, civil servants and local government officials, and all those interested in the Forum’s topics are invited to participate in the Forum! The purpose of the Forum: […]

I am an economic geographer with research expertise on financial geography. My research interests include geographies of money and finance, global cities, service sectors and market formation, focusing particularly on issues of financialisation, knowledge networks, and economic development in Asia and their wider production networks with Europe. My work also draws upon interdisciplinary ideas from […]

Dariusz Wójcik is Professor at the School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford University, and Fellow of St Peter’s College. His research focuses on economic geography, corporate governance, and finance. His book The Global Stock Market (Oxford 2011) explores the role of stock markets in the world economy. His book co-authored with Gordon L. Clark […]

Regional and urban sustainability transitions was the theme of the 2022 RSA Winter conference, set at the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury, London, after a two-years break due to the pandemic. Sustainability transitions is a term used to describe the radical and structural shifts in socio-technical and socio-ecological systems that need take place to overcome the […]

Dr Robert Bowen is an International Entrepreneurship academic at Cardiff Business School at Cardiff University, and has previously held academic positions at Swansea University and Aberystwyth University in Wales, and the University of Nantes in France. He also currently holds a position of Visiting Professor at Audencia Business School in Nantes, France. Dr Bowen undertakes […]

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Welcome to the 35th International Geographical Congress – Dublin 2024 Join us for this festival of Geography as we welcome more than 2,000 geographers from around the world to Dublin in summer 2024. Our programme will include: • Academic papers • Poster presentations • Fieldtrips and other excursions across the island of Ireland • Networking events for […]

The Regional Studies Association (RSA) provides a range of research funding opportunities to suit different career stages and we are pleased to share with you details on forthcoming application deadlines. We encourage non-members to apply for a grant and join the RSA at the same time. Deadlines for the 2023 RSA Awards and Funding are as […]

Welcome message from the RSA Ambassador to Spain, Professor Coro Chasco Estimado colega, bienvenido a la delegación en España de la Asociación de Estudios Regionales (“Regional Studies Association, RSA”). La RSA es una sociedad científica dedicada a las cuestiones regionales y al análisis geoespacial, en general, que constituye una auténtica red para académicos, estudiantes, profesionales […]

Ethnobotany, at its most visible for the tourist, can be seen in local botanical gardens and ethnography museums. Consider for example, the Ljubljana Botanical Garden, Slovenia, established in 1810 and containing more than 4500 species, or the onion museum in Roscoff, France, whilst a seaweed collection company in Roscoff provides an example of entrepreneurship that […]

Dr. Marcin Dąbrowski teaches and researches spatial planning and (multi-level) governance issues related to sustainable urban and regional futures. He is an assistant professor at the Department of Urbanism, being part of Delft University of Technology and its Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. With a background in political science and experience in research […]

Neil Lee is a Professor of Economic Geography at the LSE. He is also Professor II at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and theme convenor at the LSE’s International Inequalities Institute. His research has been funded by international and private sector organisations including the World Bank, OECD, the EIB, and Barclays Bank, and cited in […]

To read the full paper on Brexit disruption and transborder leadership, click here.   Across borders in the UK and mainland Europe, relationship-building activity that aims to stimulate problem solving and the co-creation of innovative projects and programmes has been a long-standing and important feature of city and regional development.   Grand challenges and leadership […]

The blog post is based on the article “Can decentralization help address poverty and social exclusion in Europe?” published in Territory, Politics, Governance. This research benefited from a Regional Studies Association Membership Research Grant (MeRSA) awarded to Vassilis Tselios.   More than 20% of the European Union (EU) population are at-risk-of poverty or social exclusion. […]

Sarah Ayres is a ‘Reader in Public Policy and Governance’ at the University of Bristol, UK. Her central research interest is the governance of place, space and territory. This core provides the basis for two main strands of work. First, her research is concerned with devolution and decentralisation in both a UK and an international […]

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Leadership & governance in transnational city and regional development: new uncertainties, new prospects? Across both coterminous (land) and non-coterminous (sea/river/lake) national borders around the globe, important networking and relationship-building activity that aims to stimulate collaborative problem solving and the co-creation of innovative projects and programmes – and to enable transnational knowledge exchange and learning for […]

Mark Scott is Professor of Planning at University College Dublin. Mark’s research is focused on theories and practices of spatial planning and governance, specifically related to rural planning, local regeneration and the environmental dimensions of spatial planning. He has published extensively in these areas and has been awarded over €4 million in national and European […]

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