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Networks Categories: Research Network

Start 2019 - Expires 2022

The Gender and Regional Studies network is a research network whose purpose is to bring together researchers and research perspectives on the topic of gender in regional studies. The network organises activities such as workshops, special sessions, book projects, conferences etc. in various locations throughout the globe – all with the shared purpose of pushing […]

Logo - Fingeo

Start 2015 - Expires 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of, the website of the Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo). You can read the report on the 5th Global Seminar & 1st Spring School of the RSA research network The Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo) here: The key aim and ambition of the RSA Research Network […]

Start 2015 - Expires 2018

Read more about our past activities and events: The final report of the Leadership and Urban and Regional Development Research network is available here. Report on the Workshop Combining State and Non-state Partnerships for Effective Place Leadership of the RSA Research Network Leadership and Urban and Regional Development is available here: The purpose of this […]

Logo - MiCaRD

Start 2015 - Expires 2022

Established in 2015, this research network brings together scholars, policymakers and practitioners across Europe and beyond to provide a forum for debating current and emerging issues on European economic migration as well as fostering collaboration and expanding research opportunities. In its first phase (2015-2018), the MICaRD network focussed on labour mobility within the EU and […]

Start 2015 - Expires 2018

The Regional Studies Association (RSA) Research Network on Smart City-Regional Governance for Sustainability aims to explore the meaning and practice of ‘smartness’ in city-regional governance, as it seeks to balance the competing quests for urban international competitiveness, national economic development and societal and territorial cohesion. This competition sits under the discursive umbrella of sustainability as the overarching concept guiding this […]

Start 2016 - Expires 2019

The outcome of this network – a book Regional Economic Development and History has been published recently. Through a selection of accessible theoretical, methodological and empirical chapters, this book explores the connections between regional development and history. Drawing on the expertise of scholars in several disciplines, it links history to topics such as behavioural geography, […]

Start 2016 - Expires 2019

Coastal areas, despite only occupying a relatively small percentage of the Earth’s land-surface, provide more than one third of the globe’s value of ecosystem services. Coastal areas are also increasingly at risk due to changing environmental conditions as well as human development pressures. These factors, coupled with the large-scale failure of contemporary governance approaches to […]

Start 2016 - Expires 2019

The manufacturing sector is changing and a new manufacturing model is emerging. Recent scholarly debate has unpacked this ‘production organisation revolution’. It is therefore timely to understand what form this new manufacturing model will take in both Europe and the United States how it can contribute to regional economic development.  Indeed, the core of this […]


Start 2017 - Expires 2020

We are a network of academics and practitioners that aims to bridge the practice research divide across humanitarian emergency management – from preparedness to response, recovery, and back to development. We enable knowledge exchange between academic experts and governments, civil society organisations, humanitarian emergency responders, recovery personnel, and development actors. Linking these groups is vital […]

Start 2017 - Expires 2020

This research network intends to bring together scholars, regional specialists, activists and experts from civil society to offer alternatives to these perspectives by attending to the historical, socio-spatial and religious underpinnings of displacement that complicate notions of universal humanity and bounded citizenship. Have a look at our past activities and events: Final Summary – […]

Start 2017 - Expires 2022

‘Polycentric urban regions’ (PURs) have become a key concept in regional studies, both as an analytical framework to capture empirical realities as well as part of normative visions and goals in regional development policies. Nevertheless, PUR research and policy-making is built on surprisingly limited comprehensive evidence and hampered by the lack of coherence. Have a […]

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