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Networks Categories: Research Network

Regional Studies Association Research Network on Citizen Entrepreneurship (RSARNCE)

Start 2020 - Expires 2023

Regional Studies Association Research Network on Citizen Entrepreneurship (RSARNCE) Online Workshop, Jun 26, 2020 – you can watch a recording of the workshop here: The unique Regional Studies Association Research Network on Citizen Entrepreneurship (RSARNCE) will carry out critical and systematic research and development activities on the involvement of citizens, as, producers, users, innovators and […]

The Regional Studies Association Research Network on Financial Geographies (FinGeo)

Start 2020 - Expires 2022

The RSA Research Network on Financial Geographies has operated with RSA support under the auspices of the Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo). Since its launch in 2015, FinGeo has grown into a major global player with more than 600 members in over 50 countries spanning all continents. The Network has brought together geographers, economists, […]

Postdependence Geographies in Central and Eastern Europe (PostCEE)

Start 2020 - Expires 2023

You can watch the recording of the webinar  – How do we talk about ‘other’ geographies in/of Europe? 23 September 2020 here: This research network, established in 2020, connects scholars and practitioners whose work focuses on Central and East European (CEE) geographies and who are interested in postcolonial and decolonial perspectives in and on the […]

Creative Regions in Europe

Start 2008 - Expires 2009

This Research Network aims to address trends and issues around the development of the creative and cultural industries at the regional level in UK, fostering a multi-disciplinary debate among researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the field. Topics for this Research Network have emerged for research that the three organisers have been doing in the […]

Acquiring Community Assets

Start 2011 - Expires 2013

The RSA Research Network on Acquiring Community Assets – the role of social capital in enterprise, energy and sustainable economic development will investigate the issues which arise when ‘communities’ have been given the opportunity to manage and/or purchase resources for ‘development’ purposes. The resources can be anything from land and physical structures, such as a […]

Creative Regions in Europe: challenges and opportunities

Start 2010 - Expires 2012

Based on the successful work undertaken for the first seminar series, this RSA Research Network aims to develop further issues and research questions which have emerged from the discussions and presentations therein. It also seeks to widen its remit and audience. One issue emerging from the first seminar series has been the need to reconcile […]

Effectiveness, added value and future of EU cohesion policy

Start 2011 - Expires 2012

The RSA Research Network on Effectiveness, added value and future of EU cohesion policy intends to bring together academics investigating the issues of effectiveness, impacts, and added value of EU cohesion policy, as well as practitioners working with this policy. This will allow for promoting dialogue and synergies between the two communities, exploring new exciting […]

Experience Economy and Spatial Strategies

Start 2009 - Expires 2011

This Research Network aims to focus on the role of place, spatial narratives and identity in the leisure, culture and experience economy and planning, and the spatial development potentials of these economies and intends to coordinate, produce and disseminate front line research on the spatial dimensions of the emerging leisure, culture and experience economy.

Geographies of Finance and Post-Socialist Transformations

Start 2010 - Expires 2013

The key aim of the network is to promote a dialogue between researchers interested in geographies of finance and scholars concerned with post-socialist transformations in East-Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. The network aims to foster synergies between the two research strands and to explore possibilities for new exciting research avenues emerging from such […]

Entrepreneurship, Gender and Structural Transformation

Start 2012 - Expires 2014

Although there has been structural change in European regions e.g. in political or cultural terms, there have also been areas of convergence. Since the seventies, economic development in Europe has been marked by a de-industrialisation process and tertiarisation. As part of its actions to support the growth of the European economy and its competitiveness, one […]

Governing metropolitan regions within a localist agenda

Start 2012 - Expires 2013

The purpose of the network is to co-ordinate and promote research on the metropolitan regions in western Europe, bringing together research from a range of disciplines including spatial planning, housing, property and construction, social and economic geography,  and government and political studies. A key aim of the group will be to bring together academics and […]

Housing and the Regions

Start 2007 - Expires 2009

The Housing and the Regions network has been in existence since 2006. There has been a lull in our activity, owing to other research commitments. But given the continuing housing supply crisis in the UK, and the recent change of government, with its radically different view on how this crisis will be resolved, we believe […]

Mega-Events, Regional Development and Regeneration

Start 2012 - Expires 2014

Whilst mega-events often highlight urban development they also punctuate and accelerate longer term urban regeneration and growth. Despite their high cost and risk (e.g. security) – financial, social environmental – cities and increasingly regions, look to major events and related infrastructure to lever inward investment, improve image and raise citizen morale, and generate a legacy […]

Peripheral and Marginal Regions in Northern Europe

Start 2011 - Expires 2013

The aim of this Research Network is: To extend and deepen the conceptual development of the concepts of peripherality and marginality. To develop and explore the theoretical underpinnings to analyse these concepts within, though not exclusively, northern Europe. To identify gaps, initiate studies and promote collaboration in empirical research and other investigations into peripherality and […]

The Impact of Global Crisis on Capital Cities

Start 2010 - Expires 2013

The aim of RSA Research Network “The impact of global economic crisis on capital cities” was to look at various cases of capital cities’ reactions in the wake of global economic crisis and at different dimensions of mitigating the consequences: government policies, business adjustments, social and human innovations, perceptions and brands of the cities – […]

The Place of Leadership in Urban and Regional Development

Start 2010 - Expires 2012

There is a rapidly growing interest in better understanding the contribution of (formal and informal) leadership to the continuing shaping and re-shaping of cities and regions. This 2nd Phase (2010/2011) of the RSA leadership research network aims to incorporate leadership and related concepts within the wider urban and regional development studies debate(s). The suggestion is […]

Tourism and Regional Development

Start 2010 - Expires 2013

This Regional Studies Association Research Network is a renewal of the initial Research Network on Tourism, Regional Development and Public Policy It is our great pleasure to announce the on-line publication of Alma Tourism vol. 8, n. 7, 2017, Special Issue: Beyond the Great Beauty: Rescaling Heritage and Tourism: The Special Issue represents one of […]

Transition and Resilience for Post-industrial Agglomerations in Central Europe

Start 2011 - Expires 2013

The RSA Research Network on Transition and Resilience for Post-industrial Agglomerations in Central Europe is searching for the specific driving forces and capabilities explaining the economic resilience of post-industrial agglomeration regions in Central Europe under the particular circumstances of their transition during the last two decades. A special focus will be laid on those post-industrial […]

Understanding regional innovation policy dynamics: actors, agency and learning

Start 2012 - Expires 2013

Regional innovation policy has grown in prominence and scope during recent years, with a realm of action that increasingly stresses the demand side (or the doing, using, interaction (DUI) mode of innovation) alongside a supply side innovation policy based on science and technology. This expansion of the accepted (or aspirational) realm of action for innovation […]

Virtualisation of space through inter-regional networks

Start 2010 - Expires 2011

This research network is established with the aim of analyzing and discussing interregional networks involving regional actors belonging to different countries and their implications for theory and policy. In particular the hypothesis of a “virtualization” of the space for collaborative policies should be put to test.

Policy Making and Politics at the Local Level

Start 2012 - Expires 2014

Central and Eastern Europe has a rather recent interest in the modern, democratic local government studies. This trend is mostly explained by the developments of the political studies and the research on local political issues occurred not earlier than the beginning of the 1990s. In this context, the RSA RN POL-LOC will be linked to: […]

Benchmarking Regional Support for Enterprise and Innovation: Towards meaningful objectives, effective interventions and robust evaluation

Start 2008 - Expires 2009

This Research Network aims to look at the sharing and documentation of leading practice in the targeting, implementation and evaluation of regional support for enterprise and innovation in the UK. It also looks at the regional knowledge base to enable meaningful policy objectives to be defined, the mechanisms which drive regional development – and particularly […]

Demography and Ageing

Start 2003 - Expires 2005

1st Seminar, 15-20 August 2004 – IGU, Glasgow ‘Regions and Demographic Change’ Session strand in ‘One Earth, Many Worlds’ At the recent Glasgow meeting of the IGU the RSA Demographic Ageing Working Group organised two sponsored sessions, which attracted over 50 delegates. Papers in the two sessions explored regions and demographic change. 2nd Seminar, London […]

Employability and Labour Market Policy in International Perspective

Start 2006 - Expires 2008

In 2006, the Regional Studies Association (RSA) founded a new Research Network on ‘Employability and Labour Market Policy in International Perspective’, hosted at the Employment Research Institute at Napier University, Edinburgh. The Network’s activities centred around two international seminars, which sought to build upon the success of a previous ‘Employability and Labour Market Policy’ seminar […]

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