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“The conferences and workshops hosted by the Irish Section continue to attract policy makers and academics whose interests are in the area of regional studies and in the coming years we will continue to contribute to discussions on regional policies in Ireland. I would encourage those who are not already members of the RSA to join and to contribute and attend the events of the Irish Section.”


The Regional Studies Irish Branch (RSAIR) was officially open in 1974 to provide a forum to discuss regional issues in Ireland.

The aim of the Section is:

  • To stimulate regional awareness, and to assess and advise on regional issues and policies affecting the public and private sectors and local communities.
  • To facilitate contact and exchange of ideas between practitioners and researchers in the field of regional development and policy.
  • To strengthen the ongoing and dynamic process of spatial planning in order to promote an integrated approach to urban and rural, regional and local development.
  • To support regional policies that seek to achieve balanced regional development leading to innovative approaches to the optimum utilisation of the social and natural resource potential of each region, and a reduction in the disparities within and between regions.
  • To advocate strategies for regional development that are complementary to policies for sustainable development, with full regard to quality of life, social cohesion, and conservation of the environment and the natural heritage.
  • To support proposals for the effective implementation of regional development strategies through participative governance structures organised at local, regional and national levels that can facilitate integration of multi-annual programmes.

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

Regional Studies Association Irish Section Annual Conference: “City-Led Regional Development and Peripheral Regions”.

Friday 7 September 2018, Sligo IT

Keynote Speakers were:

  • Professor Andrew Copus, The James Hutton Institute
  • Professor Mark Partridge.

The theme of this year’s RSA-Irish Section Annual Conference was “City-led Regional Development and Peripheral Regions” focusing on the following themes:

•    Cities as a source of Economic Growth
•    Development in Peripheral Region
•    Urban centres and economic development
•    The NPF and Governance
•    The NPF and Housing
•    Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies
•    Local and regional economic forums
•    New approaches to regional development
•    International comparator cases


Please note: The Irish Section is a limited agent for the Regional Studies Association but without any authority to incur financial liability for that Association.