The RSA members will receive the last issue of Regions before the end of this year. This will be the last issue of Regions as the members’ magazine in the print format. In 2018, the magazine moves to a new, more interactive online only format with a new team of editors – Eduardo Oliveira, Julie Tian Miao and Michael Taster.

The Association owes an enormous debt of gratitude to the current editorial team who have masterfully edited Regions for almost a decade. Taking over in 2009, the magazine has been in safe hands and has developed into a much valued membership benefit. The strapline for Regions is that it is the “Voice of the membership”. Under the Cumbria Team’s guidance it has certainly become this.

Editor in Chief, Frank Peck has served for a decade as a Board Member of the Association. His many contributions over the years have been part of so many important decisions for the future of the Association for example he has been active in the evolution of three strategic development plans, he helped us to shape the MeRSA and FeRSA membership research grants as well as the prestigious and career building Early Career Grant. He has been an assiduous and enthusiastic supporter of the territorial network development and the continuation and strengthening of the research network grants supporting the increase in their funding from £3k to £10k. Gail Mulvey has been at core of Regions throughout this period. She has managed the magazine on a day to day basis demonstrating skilful editing, meticulous planning, courteous liaison (even with the dilatory and often late Chief Executive). Without Gail, 36 issues of Regions would not have landed on our doorsteps and we collectively owe her a debt of gratitude for her work during this period. The final member of the team is Ignazio Cabras. Ignazio was very early in his career when he joined the editorial team and he now holds a professorial post at Northumbria University. Ignazio, in addition to his editorial role also hosted the RSA Early Career Conference in 2016 at Newcastle Business School and is branch chair of the Yorkshire and Humber Branch.

The Association took advantage of the opportunity of the annual President’s Event and Awards Night to acknowledge the Regions Editorial Team with the Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to the Regional Studies Association award.

In saying thank you to our three Regions colleagues for their decade of service it is great to know that this is less a goodbye and more an au revoir.

Sally Hardy