Territory, Politics, Governance – Special Issue – Rescaling Interests

TPG presents a collection of papers concerned with the relationship between territory and class and sector through a focus on the scales and rescaling of interest group representation in the politics of Italy (Lombardy, Compania, Tuscany), Spain (Catalonia, the Basque Country), Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia) and the UK (Scotland, South West England). Taking forward debates about rescaling (specifically within European contexts of changing meso-level or regional government) and the ‘new regionalism’ the collection challenges theories of de-territorialization and tendencies to reify territory, tracing the adaptation of social and economic interests to new spatial frames.

View Michael Keating’s Introduction here > (http://goo.gl/EX9INF) < and the full issue here > http://goo.gl/CPhRE4 < which includes contributions by the authors below:

Bouteca N. and Devos C. (2014) The process of rescaling interests in the Belgian context. The impact of regional governmental strength

Cairney P. (2014) The territorialization of interest representation in Scotland: did devolution produce a new form of group-government relations?

Keating M. (2014) Class, sector and nation. Support for minority nationalism among peak interest groups in four western European countries

Medina I. and Molins J. (2014) Regionalism and employer groups in Spain, Italy, and the UK

Wilson A. (2014) Re-scaling of interest groups in modern Italy