An exciting opportunity has arisen for an enthusiastic PhD student to join the Regional Studies Association Board in the role of student representative.

This position will introduce you to an established global association enabling you to engage with students internationally through conferences and social events. During your term you will meet distinguished scholars, practice your organisational skills, develop your interpersonal abilities and benefit from our Board Members’ experience.

The successful candidate will be involved and participate not only in the discussion and exchanges among the Board members at their (normally) four meetings per annum but will be expected to participate with them in the delivery of the Association’s aims and objects. This post is an observer post on the Board and carries no right to vote and no associated liability.

The appointment is for a three year term, depending on the candidate’s advancement in her/his curriculum. The position is open to student members of the Regional Studies Association but students are welcome to join the Association and apply for the post at the same time.

Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Association to attend the Board meetings.


The Board meetings in the second half of 2016 will take place on:

16th September, London, UK
23rd November, London, UK


To learn more about the current RSA Board, visit:  

To learn more about the RSA Development Plan, visit:


Feedback by Eduardo Oliveira who is the outgoing Student Rep:

Being the student representative of the Regional Studies Association is definitely more than a title, a set of tasks or procedures to accomplish. It is more being able to share visions, goals and the passion of making of regional studies a discipline that really matters in day to day life.

Two years have passed since I was appointed Student Representative of the Regional Studies Association. Two years passionately committed to the RSA’s strategies and goals of enhancing regional studies and regional science worldwide, in particular among students and early career researchers. Working together with the RSA team gave me the feeling of joining a united and mutually supportive family. United through the passion of enhancing regional studies, of sharing knowledge and engaging with academics and practitioners around regional issues. As student representative, I had the opportunity to work together with bright and inspiring researchers, bringing together students, early careers researchers and senior experts. Despite the end of my period as student representative I can promise that I will continue supporting the Regional Studies Association to strengthen its position as a world leading learning society in regional studies and regional science. I will continue supporting students and early career researchers in their quest for more funding, more career opportunities and more access to knowledge.


The deadline for applications is 1st May 2016. Please send a letter of application (up to 500 words) in which you describe why you would be the ideal Student Representative and your CV to Monika Gerykova