RSA Among Stakeholders Addressing New York Forum on Post-2015

Following the implementation of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) since 2000, UN member states are about to launch in September 2015 an even more ambitious agenda based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). RSA is in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC of the UN since 1984 but only now RSA increases visibility at UN events. 

Ulrich Graute attended last May the first Integrated Segment of ECOSOC on Sustainable Urbanization and Gordon Dabinett participated last fall at the work of the UN expert group proposing International Guidelines to shape the Sustainable Development of Cities. Following these activities and as a kick-off for the final negotiation phase on SDG the UN held on 16 January 2015 a preparatory forum for major groups, including academia. Again RSA took part in the event but by now RSA is listed on the Roster of ECOSOC, meaning that thanks to its contribution RSA is now well known at the UN and shortlisted for future cooperation.