The Board of Tampere Convention Bureau decided to grant the 'Tampere congress award 2013' to the local organising committee for the RSA 2013 European Conference.

Professor Markku Sotarauta received the awards along with the local organizing committee. The conference entitled “Shape and be shaped: The Future Dynamics of Regional Development” was held at the University of Tampere in association with the Regional Studies Association (RSA).

The conference was attended by more than 350 scientists from 41 countries.

“Tampere has to be experienced”

– The Tampere Convention award is a great recognition for perfectly successful arrangements, commented Sotarauta.

– This award crowns the whole operation. Feedback from the participants was only positive, even glorifying, he said.

– High-quality congress arises from the fact that even the smallest details are handled with a big heart. The biggest thanks to Lesa Reynolds (RSA) and Minna Hakamaa-Virtanen (Tampere University). They were quite a dynamic duo, Sotarauta commented.

Photo: Award-winning organizers: Markku Sotarauta, Minna Hakamaa-Smith, Nina Mustikkamäki, Olli Ruokolainen and Kirsi Siltanen. The organizing committee also included Arto Haveri and Ilari Carp. – Photo: Janne Viinanen

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