Today the first edition of the new e-Zine Regions goes live, a transofmration from a members only printed magazine to a fully online and open access digital format. The editors have worked to ensure that Regions fully embraces the knowledge dissemination opportunities of the internet to present the latest developments in regional studies with the aim of enhancing the RSA’s mission of being a leading and impactful society.  Regions will be used to actively reach out to new audiences, whilst maintaining its legacy of advancing debates in regional studies in a way that is rigorous, informative and accessible. 

In this first isssue, dedicated to early career research, a number of contributions from early career scholars whose innovative research offers a glimpse into the aims and interests of an emerging generation of regional scholars are presented.  There are also new sections including Regional Insights; Spotlight; Research Frontline; RSA Highlights and Must Reads.

Read Interviews with Rob Kitchin and Philip McCann who talk about their new books in the RSA’s Regions and Cities book series, or find out about some of the cutting edge regional research in Research Frontline.

You can read the first edition here 

We would like to thank the editors Eduardo Oliveira, Julie Tian Miao and Michael Taster for all their work in the development of Regions.