We are delighted to announce the appointment of our two new Ambassadors to Egypt, Dr Abeer Elshater and Dr Yehya Serag.

Abeer is an Associate Professor at Ain Shams University in Cairo where she teaches and supervises multidisciplinary topics in the field of Urban Design. She has worked on several international research projects and in 2011 she joined the dual program between Ain Shams University and Stuttgart University, as a teaching staff and academic adviser. She has published numerous papers and is the author of two books entitled ‘Urban Design Paradigm’ (2015), and “The Unknown Cities” (2016).


Yehya is also an Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Ain Shams University. He is interested in regional planning with a focus on the regional planning and development of remote border regions, as well as the impact of politics on urbanism and development particularly post- Arab Spring revolutions in the Middle East. Yehya has been heavily involved in conducting strategic urban planning projects throughout the last 8 years in 5 cities within the Egyptian Delta. He was also directly involved in the creation of the regional development vision for one of the sensitive border regions in the South of Egypt.


Click on their names to read more about Abeer and Yehya, including their email addresses. If you are interested in regional studies in Egypt they would love to hear from you.