We are looking forward to working with Camilla and are excited about her ideas for the RSA student and EC community. Camilla will be working closely with our Student representative Donna Carmichael. 

“Having been a member of the organisation for almost 5 years I am looking forward to actively contributing to the Regional Studies Association as Early Careers Representative on the board in the near future.” Camilla Chlebna, University of Vienna, Austria


Camilla Chlebna is a postdoctoral researcher in the Economic Geography working group at the Department for Geography and Regional Research at the University of Vienna. Her research interests are the geography of innovation, agency based perspectives on sustainability transitions and the conceptualisation of power and politics in economic geography. She did her PhD at Oxford Brookes University on the subject of the role of institutions for the development of the wind energy industry in Britain and Germany. Camilla holds a Masters degree in Planning from Oxford Brookes University, UK, and a Bachelors degree in Regional Development and Planning from University of Technology, Vienna, Austria.