It is with deepest sadness that we have heard about the passing of Professor Peter Meusburger, an iconic figure of modern Human Geography. He was one of the first Western European scholars to visit Romania during the communist period.

He was a strong supporter of study visits of Transylvanian scholars to German universities. I remember with pleasure my own visit to Heidelberg following his kind invitation.

In September 2017, Professor Meusburger was one of our plenary speakers at the first RSA Central and Eastern Europe Conference in Cluj. I asked him in July 2016 if he would be willing and available to present a plenary on the interrelations between knowledge and space. He accepted instantly without hesitation.

He returned to Cluj (Kolozsvár in Hungarian, Klausenburg in German) for the conference after an absence of more than four decades and delivered a highly appreciated plenary speech on the role of education in times of spatial inequalities.

Peter enjoyed his stay in Cluj and we were very pleased to have had the opportunity of many inspiring conversations with him about space and knowledge, spatial justice and John Rawls. The latter one of his favorite authors.

It is still hard to accept that this was his last trip to Cluj and the last opportunity to exchange ideas with him.

We will deeply miss him.

Professor Jozsef Benedek, UBB, RSA