A new article by Isaac Arthur in Area Development and Policy (2018) examines the development of the Accra Airport City as part of the national strategy to boost local economic development in Accra and raise Ghana’s competitive profile. His research is based on a case study approach using qualitative interviews, whereby key stakeholders with rich historical knowledge of the project were interviewed. Arthur finds that the state-created favourable conditions for private-sector participation were essential for the success of the AAC project.  The redevelopment of the prime urban areas around the Kotoka International Airport, allowed new activities and revenue sources on the part of the airport’s authorities. Arthur suggests that although the AAC is now a prime location with high-value economic activities for both business and visitors, there are ongoing problems of maintenance and traffic.  He highlights that as investors and the GACL have taken responsibility to address some of these challenges, there is reason to be optimistic for the centre’s future

Read the whole article here at http://rsa.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23792949.2018.1428112#.WpP2yOjFIdU