The editors of the Early Career Papers Section are currently seeking submissions of paper proposals for short articles (max. 3,000 words). Contributions are welcomed from any discipline in the field of regional studies or regional science and with any geographical focus. The ‘regional’ dimension may vary from trans-national spaces with fuzzy boundaries to clearly defined spaces at the sub-national level. Authors (and co-authors) can be students or early career researchers who have completed their PhD in the last five years. RSA members are particularly invited to submit a paper proposal for consideration; however, RSA membership is not a prerequisite for submission.



Submissions are invited in the form of a research summary consisting of (a) six ‘research highlights’ in bullet points and (b) six sections of max. 150 words covering the following points:
1. Introduction (150 words)
2. Literature Review (150 words)
3. Methodology & case study overview (150 words)
4. Data / Empirics (150 words)
5. Discussion (150 words)
6. Conclusions (150 words)

Submissions will be evaluated for their originality, novelty and quality: successful paper proposals will be invited to submit a full paper, with a maximum of 3,000 words, for inclusion on the Early Career Papers open access site. Using a constructive review process, accepted authors will be supported by a named corresponding editor who will produce supportive feedback to guide the author towards a high-quality article. In addition, all articles are reviewed by the entirety of the editorial team prior to publication.

Article Publishing Charges (APCs), normally payable for papers published in RSRS, will be waived for those who are accepted by this Early Career Papers mentored route to publication. All articles published in Regional Studies, Regional Science are published open access, which means that the article is freely available in perpetuity online. There is no additional subscription fee, article pay-to-view fee or any other form of access fee; and no publication embargo is applied.

Authors may also consider submitting to the journal through the normal route but in this case an APC will apply. Visit the journal’s website for more details. 

To submit a paper proposal or for further information regarding any of the above-mentioned points, please contact: Marijana Sumpor, Abstract Manager of the Early Career Papers section:

Paper submissions deadline: 15 June 2016

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