Do you enjoy writing? Do you want to increase public interest in your research? Could you blog for us?

We are always looking to expand our reach and encourage researchers and academics to actively share their work, ideas and perspectives with us. In sharing evidence-based and research-backed posts, we hope that this will increase public awareness and understanding about the latest research, development and policy of cities, regions and communities around the world.

Research has proven that publishing research on alternative platforms is an effective way for knowledge dissemination (e.g. see here). However, writing for a blog can be a challenge: you're limited to 500-800 words, and using a more conversational style than what's typically used in traditional academic papers. Are you up for it? (A copy of our blog guidelines can be found here.

For ideas of previous blog posts, please see here.  

Please email our blog editor, Joshua Barrett for more information –  don't be shy!

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