To become an RSA Fellow, an individual member must have had continuous RSA membership for at least five years and actively contributed to the life of the Association.  Active contribution covers a range of different actvities, including serving on the Board, contributing on a committee, speaking or organising at a conferences or applying for grants and funding. On becoming an FeRSA, an individual then has the option to apply for the RSA Fellowship Grant.  The FeRSA grant is our way of celebrating and rewarding our long serving members and established researchers and aims to support a discrete piece of regional studies and/or regional science research.

We would like to congratulate the following members on their newly awarded FeRSA status.

Bulent Acma, Anadolu University

Amitrajeet Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology

Daniela Carl, Regional Studies Association

Camilla  Chlebna, University of Vienna

Michael Fritsch, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Joaquin Garcia Galvan, Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México

Oto Hudec, Technical University of Kosice

Christopher Huggins, University of Aberdeen

Oladayo Ibrahim, Lagos State University

Andrew Johnston, Sheffield Hallam University

Fumi Kitagawa, University of Edinburgh Business School

Gabor Lux, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Elizabeth Mack, Michigan State University

Edward Malecki, The Ohio State University

Grzegorz Micek, Jagiellonian University

Yoshihiro Miyamachi, Oita University

Nicola Pontarollo, JRC, European Commission

Paula Portas, Cardiff University

Yannis Psycharis, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

Nigel Spence, Queen Mary & Westfield College

Phil Tomlinson, University of Bath

Viktor Varju, Centre for Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy Of Sciences

Roger Vickerman, University of Kent at Canterbury

Xuefeng Wang, Newcastle University

Mikko Weckroth, University of Helsinki