Our February Travel grants were awarded to Anthony Flegg and Yehya Serag, both attending non-RSA events over the course of the year.  Anthony, one of our emeritus members will be attending the 20th IORA (Input-Output Research Association) Conference in India, where he will be presenting a paper entitled ‘A New Approach to Estimating Interregional Output Multipliers Using Input-Output Data for South Korean Regions.  Yehya, one of our Egyptian members will be attending two events – the  Interdisciplinary Global Workshop for Research Network, held at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, where he will be presenting a paper entitled Towards an appropriate regional development approach for developing the Halayb –Shalateen border region in the South East of Egypt.’ He is also attending a second event where he is a co-organiser; a two day multi-disciplinary seminar at the University of Leeds,  entitled “The City (Re)Shaped: Exploring the Nexus Between Politics, Memory and Urbanism in the Built Environment.”  We look forward to reading their final reports after the events.

The next round of Travel Grants has a deadline of the 31st May. We encourage members who are presenting papers at non-RSA events to apply for the grants.  Please read more details about eligibility here.