To mark the publication of the 10th volume of Spatial Economic Analysis, Editor Bernard Fingleton has selected a range of articles which have made substantive contributions; highlighting the Journal’s role as a source of innovation and excellence in spatial econometrics, economic geography and regional science.

The chosen authors include some of the most authoritative and well known academics in their respective disciplines, and they have produced work that deserves a wider audience, hence the free electronic access. The papers are a reflection of many other papers published in Spatial Economic Analysis; typically they have a strong empirical and methodological content, are in most cases underpinned by economic rationale and theory, and are rigorous, readable, topical and innovative, often with a significant policy and applied dimension.

The papers involve modelling regional economic growth, migration analysis, trade and development, studies in innovation and networks, and contributions to, and reflections on, economic geography theory and spatial econometric methodology.

Above all, they are spatial and economic in orientation, as rightly befits a Journal entitled Spatial Economic Analysis. We hope the wider audience will appreciate what has been chosen is but a sample and that there are many other good papers that for reasons of space and diversity haven’t made it into the final selection. Potential authors may also view the papers as a guide to the kind of paper we would like to publish.

Visit TandF webpage ( to view the full list of articles, all of which are free to access.