The Regional Studies Association (RSA) seeks to appoint an Editor for the RSA Blog.

The RSA Blog has been running since 2010 and provides a platform for the RSA and its community to share short, engaging articles on research and the latest developments in the field.

The writing style is less academic than academic journal articles. The Blog Editor will receive content, review, edit and approve content, publish content online and monitor responses and comments. 

The key responsibilities of the Blog Editor are:

  • To manage the Blog in conjunction with the RSA office team and in line with the communication strategy
  • To solicit and grow the number of unsolicited submissions
  • To assist in developing a marketing strategy for the Blog
  • To report to the RSA Board
  • To be a co-optee on the RSA Board (quarterly meetings)
  • At RSA Board meetings to provide input to the development of the RSA more generally

Application process

Interested candidates are invited to submit a manifesto (maximum 500 words) setting out:

  1. Their ideas on how the Blog can have impact and be relevant to the Regional Studies community;
  2. Outline any existing editorial experiences;
  3. Any institutional support available, including any time allowance to undertake the editorial role.

Full CVs should be attached – these may be in summary form but should give enough information to demonstrate embeddedness in the field and its networks, e.g. information about networks, conferences attended, relevant publications, professional memberships, etc.


Closing Date for applications: 5pm (GMT) Monday 20th February 2017

Please email your application to Daniela Carl at