In 2015, the RSA awarded the following awards:


Luisa Corrado, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. Her research is entitled “Estimating Networks and Spatial Effects in the Social and Geographical Space”.

Elodie Fabre, Queen’s University Belfast, UK. Her research is entitled “Citizen engagement and regional democracy”.

Rüdiger Wink, University of Applied Sciences Leipzig, Germany. His research is entitled “Regional governance and institutional learning processes and their impact on regional labour markets’ resilience to shocks of refugee immigration: Four urban case studies in Sweden and Germany”.

Raffaella Calabrese from the Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK. Her research will concentrate on modelling spatial dependence in mortgage credit models. 

Sabine Dörry from the School of Geography, University of Oxford, UK. Her research will concentrate on the role of the state in building sustainable financial centres: Comparing London, Luxembourg and Singapore.

Etienne Nel from the Department of Geography, University of Otago, New Zealand. His research will concentrate on the role of regional and local agencies and actors in responding to economic crises and opportunities in New Zealand and Australia. 



Colin Mason from the University of Glasgow, UK. His research is entitled “The genesis of entrepreneurial ecosystems: the case of Atlantic Canada.

Sarah Ayres from the University of Bristol, UK. Her research will concentrate on assessing the impact of 'informal governance' on devolution in English cities.  

Andy Jonas from the Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, University of Hull, UK. His research will concentrate on global infrastructure public‐private partnerships and the geopolitics of city‐regions. 

'Getting this project funded means that my portfolio of research grew and opened the door to a wider choice of larger funding body networks. I also visited several institutions that developed my network and therefore I can propagate and disseminate ideas and findings to a larger audience (rolling stone effect). I found that it was a very good process especially because of the two-step process. Perhaps more feedback could have been given but I understand that with the high number of applications received, the number of grants offered and the RSA Research Committee being made up of expert volunteers, it would be very difficult to provide personnalised feedback to applicants. I strongly advise everyone to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! The RSA staff is very helpful if you have any queries about the application and it is suficiently rigurous yet very prestigious! Thank you RSA!!' (Andy Jonas, April 2016, Graz, Austria)


Early Career Grants latest awardees

Dr Pierre-Alexandre Balland: Project title: Relatedness, knowledge complexity and technological opportunities of regions: A framework for smart specialisation
Dr Cassandra Chen Wang: Project title: Reverse knowledge spillover and innovation performance of European-invested firms in emerging economies: the case of China's ICT industry
Dr Seth Schindler: Project title: Genomic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Max Nathan Project title: Evaluating Tech City: Identifying effects on firm entry, employment and rents using difference in difference analysis