Area Development and Policy, Volume 1, Issue 3, November 2016 is now available online on Regional Studies Association Portal.

Area Development and Policy is a new journal that engages with the transformation of the modern world as a result of development of the global South/Greater BRICS. In three issues per year, the journal publishes original academic research examining the multi-scalar and geographically differentiated relationships between economic and political organization/governance, ways of life and work and their context, as they shape regions, cities, rural areas and their inter-relationships. 


This new issue contains the following articles:

Rising powers and the drivers of uneven global development by Ray Hudson – free access

Reorienting the drivers of development: alternative paradigms by Yuko Aoyama

Macroeconomic geographies by Jamie Peck

Inclusive globalization: unpacking China's Belt and Road Initiative by Weidong Liu & Michael Dunford – free access

The Silk Road goes north: Russia’s role within China’s Belt and Road Initiative by Mia M. Bennett

Reflections on China's Belt and Road Initiative by Stanley Toops

Polycentric versus hierarchical tertiary centres: comparing San Diego and Tijuana by Tito A. Alegría

Innovation development of large companies in Siberia by Sophia Khalimova

Industrial upgrading and interaction between the advanced small south and China: the case of Taiwan’s machine tool industry by Liang-Chih Chen & Shiuh-Shen Chien