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2017 Dublin Plenary Presentations

Title Author File type Download
Technological Progress & Spatial Inequality Balland, Pierre-Alexandre pdf Download (right click to save)
Understanding Power and its Navigation through the Planning System Fox-Rogers, Linda pdf Download (right click to save)
Converging Divergence? Unpacking the New Geography of Global Development Horner, Rory pdf Download (right click to save)
Regional Policy from National Strategy to EU Bargaining Framework: What was Lost in Translation? Martinelli, Flavia pdf Download (right click to save)
A City Perspective for Inclusive Growth Oliveira Martins, Joaquim pdf Download (right click to save)
Post-City Politics: US Urban Growth Under Conditions of Growth Coalition Instability Wachsmuth, David pdf Download (right click to save)
Democracy, Devolution and the Politics of Knowledge-production Wills, Jane pdf Download (right click to save)

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