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  •   May 15, 2019 - May 17, 2019
  •   Department of Geography, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

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The financialization theme has gained enormous relevance in the public debate, being discussed in the mainstream media, in business meetings, and in social sciences, including economics, sociology, architecture, and human geography. Since the 1990s, renowned intellectuals have drawn attention to the importance of financial dynamics in determining the power of national states, businesses and households/individuals.

Variables such as credit, financing, stock exchanges, equities and bonds have become increasingly central to the performance of public agencies, private companies — of all sizes — and nongovernmental organizations. For the last three decades, fundamental works on the geography of finance have sought to understand these dynamics from broader scales (within the scope of the geopolitics of the capitalist system) to more localized phenomena, which affect the daily life of economic agents — including low-income populations — in their respective living places.

The International Seminar on Geography, Finance and Uneven Development intends to re-engage with and broaden the discussions in the field of geography of finance, as well as to consolidate the interdisciplinary debate that the subject itself requires. The following themes should inspire the abstract submissions: finance on the periphery of the capitalist system; capital markets and global financial flows; the insertion of Brazil in the global financial system; the geography of banking systems; corporate finance and territory; information and finance; State agents and financialization processes; financial agents and regional development; cities, real estate and finance; alternative and solidarity finance; financialization of everyday life.

The Seminar is organized by the Department of Geography, the Postgraduate Program in Human Geography of the of the University of São Paulo along with the Global Network on Financial Geography — FINGEO ( — a network that brings together geographers and other social scientists and practitioners from all continents to study the spatiality of finance and its impacts on economy, society and environment.

The Seminar we will be held in May 2019 will be the sixth edition of the FINGEO Global Seminar. Previous editions followed the sequence:

  • 1st FinGeo Global Seminar – Beijing (China) – International Geographical Congress – 21 August 2016
  • 2nd FinGeo Global Seminar – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge (EUA) – Finance, Geography and Sustainability: Lessons for Urban Planning, Development and Beyond – 3-4 April 2017
  • 3rd FinGeo Global Seminar – Brussels (Belgium) – The Financial Geographies of Europe – 4-6 September 2017
  • 4th FinGeo Global Seminar – Singapore – Conference on Global Production – 6-8 December 2017
  • 5th FinGeo Global Seminar – Brussels (Belgium) – European Spaces of Financialization – 28-29 May 2018

Information and schedule

International Seminar on Geography, Finance and Unequal Development

Date: 15-17 May 2019

Venue: Milton Santos auditorium at the Department of Geography of the University of São Paulo

Time 15 May (Wed) 16 May (Thu) 17 May (Fri)
9:00 – 12:00 Paper Session Paper Session
14:00 – 14:30 Opening Ceremony
14:30 – 16:30 Paper Session Panel Session Panel Session
16h30 – 17h Coffee break Ice-breaker party Coffee break
17h – 19h Panel Session Closing


Call for abstracts

Information required for the abstract submission: title, author(s) name(s), abstract and three keywords. The abstract text must have from 250 to 300 words, submitted in a .doc file with Times New Roman font size 12 and single-line spacing. Abstracts will be accepted in Portuguese or English, at the choice of the author(s).

Important dates

Call for abstracts: 6 December 2018 – 21 January 2019

Notification of abstract acceptance: 4 February 2019

Registration and payment: after 5 February 2019

Seminar days: 15-17 May 2019

Registration Fee

Professionals: R$ 400.00

Students: R$ 200.00

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Department of Geography, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil