Date and location

  •   July 11, 2019 - July 11, 2019

Conference details


Join us for a half-day of training on human rights, urbanisation, and climate change. In this training workshop, we will learn more about our rights and what we can do to protect the rights of all members of our community.

8:30am: Arrival and Light Refreshment

9:00am: Welcome and Opening (Vice Chairman Wycliff Tarilenga)

9:10am: Prayer

9:15am: EECA Introduction and Structure (Chairlady Margaret Seule)

9:25am: Introduction to Mr. Robert Vaughan (Jennie Day)

9:30am: Chief’s Council (Jif Jack Seule)

9:40am: Executive Council (Vice Chairman Wycliff Tarilenga)

9:50am: Mother’s Council (Vice President Marisan Bolenga)

10:00am: Youth Council (Vice President Meriam Tabawa)

10:10am: Morning Tea

10:20am: Human Rights Talk (Mr. Robert Vaughan)

10:50am: Q&A

11:50am: Closing Prayer

12:00pm: Lunch


Chairman Sam Tabawa:; 5368495

Chairlady Margaret Seule: 5438746

Vice Chairman Wycliffe Tarilenga:; 5992874

Youth Committee President Brian Merah: 5737983

Youth Committee Vice President Meriam Tabawa: 5737557