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Edited By Peter Karl Kresl [], Charles P. Vaughn Professor of Economics Emeritus, Bucknell University, USA; President, Global Urban Competitiveness Project, USA Plenty has been written on the competitiveness of megacities, capital cities, and regional hubs. Cities in developing countries have not yet received the same attention – this book fills that gap. An international team […]

Reading time: 3 minutes

Universities and Regional Engagement From the Exceptional to the Everyday  Edited By Tatiana Iakovleva, Elisa Thomas, Laila Nordstrand Berg, Rómulo Pinheiro, Paul Benneworth The study of universities’ role in regional engagement has traditionally been focusing on exceptional cases. This book presents a reconceptualization which embraces its underlying complexity and proposes a roadmap for a renewed research […]

Reading time: 4 minutes

Planning Regional Futures Edited By John Harrison, Daniel Galland, Mark Tewdwr-Jones   Planning Regional Futures is an intellectual call to engage planners to critically explore what planning is, and should be, in how cities and regions are planned. This is in a context where planning is seen to face powerful challenges – professionally, intellectually and practically – in […]

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