Nicholas Gray

North East


Nicholas Gray is a Doctoral Researcher and parttime Research Associate at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University. Prior to joining Northumbria, Nick spent several years working in public policy, principally as a Policy Advisor at Newcastle City Council but also in the NHS and charity sector. Outside of public policy Nick worked in the private sector dealing with complaints for Ikea UK where he was able to hone his listening skills while patiently attending to tales of faulty sofas.

Relatively new to academia, Nick is half way through a PhD examining place-based approaches to development in the context of UK Cities and Local Growth Policy. Nick’s other research interests include labour markets, social inclusion and welfare reform. At Newcastle City Council, Nick specialised, in economic analysis, social inclusion, and migration and asylum and he continues to advise the Council on economic data. He was also at the centre of some of the City’s high profile social policy initiatives including the its Fairness Commission and Living Wage.

As Chair of the North East Branch, Nick is hoping to draw upon his experience in policy to promote Regional Studies influence outside of academia and promote engagement between university based research and other institutions in the North East. RSA members in the region have a strong national and international reputation but are keen to play a still bigger role in public policy Outside of work, much of Nick’s time is taken up attempting to control two small noisy boys although he still finds time to shop for overpriced vinyl records and occasionally to visit the pub.

Please note: The North East Branch is a limited agent for the Regional Studies Association but without any authority to incur financial liability for that Association.


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