Andy Jonas

University of Hull, UK

Andy Jonas

Title of the research project:  Global infrastructure public‐private partnerships and the geopolitics of city‐regions

Andy Jonas' interview

Where did you hear about the grant?

I saw it via the RSA e-bulletin that the Association emails on a monthly basis

How did you find the application process?

I found that it was a very good process especially because of the two-step process. Perhaps more feedback could have been given but I understand that with the high number of applications received, the number of grants offered and the RSA Research Committee being made up of expert volunteers, it would be very difficult to provide personnalised feedback to applicants.

Why did you apply?

I had a project that needed to be put together (seed funding) and £7,500 is a very generous sum that allowed me to complete it.

How will this grant impact your career/what will it bring to it?

Getting this project funded means that my portfolio of research grew and opened the door to a wider choice of larger funding body networks. I also visited several institutions that developed my network and therefore I can propagate and disseminate ideas and findings to a larger audience (rolling stone effect).

What would your advice be to those who are interested in applying for this grant?

My advice would be to follow the instructions carefully and not hesitate to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! The RSA staff is very helpful if you have any queries about the application and it is suficiently rigurous yet very prestigious!

Can those wanting advice from FeRSA awardees contact you to seek advice for their application?

Yes of course. My email is

Any other comments?

Thank you RSA!!

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