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Awards 2010

Introduced to celebrate excellence, our winners for the 2010 RSA Awards are:

Sir Peter Hall Award 2010 (Formerly known as the Contribution to the Field Award) 

Name: Professor John Bachtler 
Institution: University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Early Career Award 2010 

Name: Rikard Hans Eriksson 
Institution: Department of Social and Economic Geography, Umeå University, Sweden 
Paper Title: Localized Spillovers and Knowledge Flows: How Does Proximity Influence the Performance of Plants?

Nathaniel Lichfield Award (Formerly known as Taught Master Award) 2010

This year, the jury decided to award the prize to two candidates due to the very high quality of their papers: 

Name: Melinda Smahó 
Institution: Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Regional Studies West-Hungarian Research Institute 
Paper Title: The Role of Knowledge in Regional Development. Theoretical Considerations and the Case of the Austrian-Hungarian Border Region 

Name: Veronika Pulišová (maiden Tencerová) 
Institution: Institute of European Studies and International Relations, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava 
Paper Title: What has been the practical contribution of the Visegrad four co-operation since the Visegrad countries entered the European union?

Best Paper Regional Studies 2010 

Voted for by the editors of Regional Studies. 

Proximity and Innovation Through an ‘Accessibility to Knowledge’ Lens 
Published in 2009 
Authors: Nadine Massard and Caroline Mehier

Best Referees Regional Studies 2010

Voted for by the editors of Regional Studies. 

Name: Bradley Jorgensen
Institution: La Trobe University, Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, Victoria, Australia 

Name: Claudia Sitgraves
Institution: UC Berkeley Economics, California, USA 

Name: KyeongAe Choe
Institution: Asian Development Bank, South Asia Urban Development, Manila, Philippines

Best Paper Spatial Economic Analysis 2010

Voted for by the editors of SEA. 

Rethinking (New) Economic Geography Models: Taking Geography and History More Seriously 
Published in 2009. 
Authors: Ron Martin and Harry Garretsen

Best Referee Spatial Economic Analysis 2010 

Voted for by the editors of SEA. 

Name: Steven Brakman 
Institution: University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Best Book Award 2010 

Voted for by the Regional Studies Membership from a list of titles published in 2009: 

Author: Andy Pike 
Title: Whither Regional Studies 
Book SeriesRegions and Cities

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