We are committed to support students and early career researchers and following below are some of the many initiatives that we offer to help grow students and early career researchers’ careers, influence and research. For more details please click here

Research funding, support and awards

RSA Early Career Research Grant Schemes

RSA Travel Grant

RSA Awards

  • Application deadline: April 2019
  • For more details on the RSA Awards see https://www.regionalstudies.org/rsa-awards/awards-2019/
  • Nathaniel Lichfield/ Recent Master Student Award: Applicants need to have graduated with a master`s degree in regional studies and related fields in 2016.
  • PhD Student Award: Applicants need to be registered PhD students who have not yet received their PhD certificate.
  • Routledge Early Career Award: Applicants need to be early career researchers within five years of the date on their PhD certificate or equivalent.

Networking and career development

RSA Early Career Plenary Speaker Competitions:

RSA Annual Conference 2019 Pushing Regions beyond their Borders

2nd Networking Workshop for Early and Mid-Career Women in Regional Studies and Regional Science

RSA Student & Early Career Conference 2019 Designing Research for Impact: Shaping and Influencing Regional Policy 


  • Regional Studies, Regional Science Student and Early Career Mentored Paper Section
  • Submission deadlines: 31st March 2019, 31st July 2019, 30th November 2019

Our open access journal Regional Studies, Regional Science features a section which specifically focuses on publishing short articles from students and early career researchers to make their research accessible to a wider audience. Articles in this section will have a regional/urban focus and will succinctly present the research questions and results whether preliminary or final. The editors of the Early Career Papers section are seeking submissions of paper proposals for short articles (max. 3,000 words). For more details see http://explore.tandfonline.com/cfp/pgas/rsrs-early-career-papers


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