The Regional Studies Association has commissioned a Policy Expo to look at place-based policy and its implementation around the globe. The research will be led by:

  • Andrew Beer, University of South Australia
  • Markku Sotarauta, Tampere University
  • Sarah Ayres, University of Bristol, UK
  • Jiri Blazek, Charles University, Prague
  • Fiona McKenzie, RMIT University

This Policy Expo considers the contribution that place-based policy-making offers to the productivity and wellbeing of national, regional and local economies.  It acknowledges that the growth of place-based policy approaches have the potential to make a significant contribution to communities across a number of policy domains, including the promotion of innovation, the development of local leadership capacities, and in managing significant economic transitions.  This Expo draws upon the academic literature and policy experience from around the globe to identify the determinants of success in the development and implementation of place-based policies, and to also identify new opportunities for their application.  It considers how policy makers can better leverage this suite of policy instruments to achieve better outcomes across diverse spatial scales.

As an initiative of the Association, every opportunity is being taken to hear the views of RSA members and from policy makers. In March 2019, there was a call for suggestions for case studies that the project team could examine, and in June 2019 there will be an opportunity for attendees at the Annual Conference in Santiago De Compostela to give their input in person at the series of focus groups that we have organised.

Read more about this research here:

RSA Policy Expo Grant Scheme

We have launched a new policy research initiative worth £15,000 (c. $19,000; c. €16,800) to successful teams aiming to connect their work  and wider communities to societal questions and policy needs. More details here.

2019 Applications are invited on the following themes:

  1. Infrastructure connectivity
  2. Austerity urbanism and inclusive growth
  3. Sustainable energy

The two key deliverables from each Expo are:

Please send your applications and queries to Deadline for applications is 12th June 2019.