The RSA is delighted to announce that the new Policy Expo: Putting Universities in their Place – An Evidence Based Approach to Understanding the Contribution of Higher Education to Local and Regional Development

Expo organisers:

  • Mark Tewdwr-Jones and Louise Kempton, Newcastle University, UK
  • Paul Vallance, Sheffield University, UK
  • Maria Conceição Rego, Evora University, Portugal
  • Lucir Reinaldo Alves, Western Parana State University, Brazil
  • Mauricio Aguiar Serra, University of Campinas, Brazil

A summary of the expo is as follows:

There have been several attempts in recent years to create conceptual frameworks and models[1] to help universities and policy makers understand the role and contribution of higher education to local and regional development.  However these models have failed to fully reflect (or give insufficient attention to) the impact of the regional context (economic, social, political), the policy environment for higher education and territorial development and the diversity of management and leadership structures of universities themselves.  This has led to the development of static models that rarely work outside of the immediate context in which they were developed and therefore risk leading to design of policies that are not fit for purpose.  This Policy Expo will work with partners in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia to develop a new approach to thinking about the university that can be adapted to the specificity of institutional and local contexts.

[1] (e.g. the Triple or Quadruple Helix, The Entrepreneurial University, The Civic University)

RSA Policy Expo Grant Scheme

We have launched a new policy research initiative worth £15,000 (c. $19,000; c. €16,800) to successful teams aiming to connect their work  and wider communities to societal questions and policy needs. More details here.

2019 Applications are invited on the following themes:

  1. Infrastructure connectivity
  2. Austerity urbanism and inclusive growth
  3. Sustainable energy

The two key deliverables from each Expo are:

Please send your applications and queries to Deadline for the application: 12th June 2019.