Image - China’s Belt and Road InitiativeOn the behalf of the RSA community we would like to warmly congratulate to the Policy Expo 2018 winner: China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Better Policies for Alleviating Risks and Enhancing Opportunities


  • Xiangming Chen, Trinity College, USA
  • Xue Li, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
  • Julie Tian Miao, University of Melbourne, Australia

Through its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China is capable of reshaping globalization and a new era of South-South cooperation through massive funding and construction to weave trade and infrastructure connections among almost 70 countries. While recognizing BRI’s varied opportunities, we will focus on its risks embedded in the multi-scalar power and resource spaces for diverse actors across global, national and local levels and boundaries. We will develop a meaningful index measuring risks for BRI countries and then evaluate the factors that affect this risk index. Using data on over 100 Chinese cities along or near the Belt and Road, we will explore the factors that render some cities more prepared to take part in BRI. We also plan to use three case studies of BRI projects to further illustrate how opportunities and risks interact to produce varied outcomes of cross-border regional cooperation. Implications and lessons from the integrated analysis will be translated for policy makers across BRI’s sectors and spaces.

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