Our Fellowship Research Grant (FeRSA) was awarded to Luís Carvalho of University of Porto in Portugal. His research is focused on engaging startups in urban sustainability issues (e.g. mobility management, climate adaptation, social integration). In order to better understand these issues, this research will build at the interface between literature on the geography of knowledge and innovation, public procurement and smart cities; moreover, it will carry out a systematic comparison between two frontrunning policy initiatives in Amsterdam and Lisbon to critically compare expectations, designs, co-creation processes and actual results.

The FeRSA was introduced to support the research of established researchers and long-term RSA members. Our RSA Fellows are individual members who have been continuous members for a minimum of 5 years and who make an active contribution to the life of the Association. The value of the award is up to £7,500 (c. $9,500; c. €8,400). The award has a maximum time span of 18 months and reporting conditions apply.

Please send your queries to fersa@regionalstudies.org. Forthcoming deadline: 15th May 2019.