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CEE Early Career online event May 2022

Event News
Event News Central Europe Eastern Europe

Quotes from participants:

“Nothing has such an incredible power to broaden the mind as the ability to receive insightful feedback on your research from leading scholars in the field. The RSA CEE Early Career event is an unique opportunity for young scholars to empower their knowledge and to share it with others.”  (Jolta Kacani, via Email)


Meet the ECR online event moderators:

  • Jozsef Benedek (Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Romania)
  • David Bole (Human Geography Anton Melik Geographical Institute ZRC SAZU, Slovenia)
  • Oleg Golubchikov (Cardiff University, United Kingdom)
  • Franziska Görmar (IfL Leipzig, Germany)
  • Erika Nagy (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary)
  • Bianka Plüschke-Altof (Tallinn University, Estonia)
  • Lela Rekhviashvili (IfL Leipzig/ EEGA, Germany)
  • Markus Sattler (IfL Leipzig, Germany)
  • Krisztina Varró (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

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