In 1985, the RSA Board agreed to introduce Research Networks (formerly referred to as Working Groups) to our activity portfolio. In 2015, the Research Network funding award was increased as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Association. The maximum funding for Research Network is:

  • £10,000 (c. $12,700; c. €11,200) for newly established networks;
  • £7,500 (c. $9,500; c. €8,400) for renewing networks.

RSA Research Networks are formed by RSA members interested in collaborating to examine an issue that responds to the aims and goals of the Association, and which is of interest and concern to both members and non-members. These issues need not necessarily to have a direct policy focus, but the examination would normally lead to policy-related conclusions.

The Research Network have to organise at least four Research Network events; and at least two Special Sessions held at one or two RSA conference(s). The full Terms and Conditions governing this grant are available in the Research Network Handbook.

Forthcoming application deadline: 27th September 2019. Please send your applications and queries to More info here: