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2022 RSA CEE Conference Bursary Winners

Event News
Event News

2022 CEE Conference Bursary Winners 

We were pleased to support a number of young researchers with a 2022 CEE Conference Bursary and their feedback tells us that RSA conference bursaries make a positive impact on early career researchers and their professional development. It has been great to meet our bursary winners in Leipzig and we are looking forward to seeing you again in the future.


Bursary winner’s feedback: 

The RSA’s 2022 Central and Eastern Europe Conference was an excellent conference with interesting reports from different fields of regional studies and a wide range of topics, the first one in person for the last three years and one of a few abroad conferences, which I visited. An unforgettable event which will give me a boost in career development. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to present my investigation and get feedback on it. Great opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries, share ideas and generate new ones for the next investigations. Thank you for attention to the problem of war in Ukraine, that’s really important for Ukrainians. I’ll encourage my colleagues from Ukraine to attend the next conferences, but in the current conditions it’s financially probably impossible for Ukrainians, that’s why thank you more for the bursary and an opportunity to visit the conference. Dr Larysa Zomchak, Associate Professor, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

I’m very grateful for RSA to provide me with funding for the CEE conference, organized in Leipzig, September 14-16, 2022, as my participation at the event was a great incentive to prepare a co-authored publication about the impact of China’s infrastructure investments on industrial development as well as on local state politics in Hungary. Being an in-person meeting it helped me develop both personal and professional relationships, which prepared possible future research collaborations and reinforced already existing ones. Attending panels on various topics, including one on financial infrastructures, or another on urban informality, with particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe gave me the opportunity to learn new knowledge about fields that also relate to my own research interests.  Linda Szabó, PhD researcher, Periféria Policy and Research Center, Hungary

I am happy that RSA board gave me this opportunity and I believe this was one of the best events I ever visited in my life.  RSA’s 2022 Central and Eastern Europe Conference in Leipzig left a lasting impression and a lot of food for thought for me. Not only was I able to present part of my doctoral research to a wider audience, but I was also able to get an overview of the diversity and depth of research topics related to this region. I would like to specially mention the great post-conference tour that showed the industrial heritage of the region from different angles. In addition to good memories, I brought home a supplemented reading list of books on vertical segregation, housing finance, and spatial transformations written and edited by conference participants. I sincerely hope to attend upcoming RSA events and become part of this brilliant community. Sofia Borushkina, PhD researcher, Poltecnico di Milano, Italy

I am very grateful for the received bursary, it made it possible for me to participate for the first time in one of the events of the Regional Studies Association. Out of the many conferences I have visited so far, I consider the 2022 RSA CEE conference as exceptionally useful both on sharing research interests with colleagues and building new connections for future research. I had the opportunity to present twice, introducing my main areas of interest, and have inspiring discussions. Luca Brody Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Institute for Regional Studies, Békéscsaba, Hungary

The bursary from the RSA has helped me to attend the RSA conference in Leipzig in times of financial turmoil. Attending such a conference and getting a broader view of CEE regional problems and studies may be very useful in career terms. Constantinos Ikonomou, University of Athens, Greece

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