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History Categories: 1991 - 2000

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Activities: development and internationalisation

At a Special General Meeting in December 2000, a resolution was passed to dissolve the unincorporated charity and reform as a charitable company. The new entity came into being on 1 January 2001 and the Association’s assets were transferred.

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The number of issues increased

In the 1990s, editorship of the journal changed hands several times and heralded by a further change in the cover design, it moved to a new publisher – namely, Carfax, a small, specialist journal publisher. The number of issues increased to seven in 1992, eight in 1993, and nine issues in 1997. And to address […]

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Regional Development in the 1990s

With opposition politicians canvassing for new policy ideas, the Association decided to take the initiative and reconvened its Inquiry in to the UK’s regional problems. Its findings were published in 1992 as Regional Development in the 1990s:

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