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History Categories: 1981 - 1990

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An Inquiry into Regional Problems

The Report of An Inquiry into Regional Problems in the United Kingdom was published subsequent to an examination, by the Association, of the changing regional problem.

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The changing secretariat

In December 1986, the Association appointed a youthful graduate, Sally Hardy (née Parkinson), to the role of Executive Secretary. From her arrival, Hardy’s impact was noticeable as she combined a civil-service style of management with a desire for the Association to become more ambitious and efficient.

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John B. Goddard

After Peter Hall, the editorship of Regional Studies was passed on to John B. Goddard and, owing to printing and distribution delays, the journal moved to another publisher. Cambridge University Press began publishing Regional Studies in 1982 and the benefits were immediately apparent: it was published on time, with an improved appearance and a commitment […]

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The Association fights back

In early 1982, the Association convened a panel of experts to examine the changing regional problem. The resulting Inquiry into Regional Problems in the United Kingdom re-imagined what regional intervention should look like in the face of government antipathy, competing inner urban problems, and an economic recovery that would favour some parts of the country […]

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