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Duncan Bowie is a senior lecturer in planning and housing at the University of Westminster, where he is course leader on the MA Urban and Regional Planning. He has worked in senior posts in housing and planning for the Mayor of London, the Housing Corporation, the London Docklands Development Corporation and London boroughs. He is a member of the policy council of the Town and Country Planning Association, as well as the executive committees of the London Labour Housing Group, the Socialist History Society and the London Society. He has published in professional journals on spatial planning and housing issues and published  three books: a book on planning and housing in London under the Mayoralty of Ken Livingstone ( Politics, Planning and Homes in a World City Routledge 2010) a book on  planning history (The Radical and Socialist Tradition in British Planning : From Puritan Colonies to Garden Cities Routledge 2016) and Roots of the British Socialist Movement ( Socialist History Society 2014).


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Monday 26th June 2017 

The RSA London and South East Branch hosted a seminar in conjunction with the University of Westminster, Common Futures Network and the Centre for Cities.

Speakers included the Chair of the RSA London and South East Branch, Duncan Bowie together with:

  • Prof Vincent  Goodstadt (Common Futures Network)
  • Andrew Carter. (Chief Executive, Centre for Cities) The London City Region and City Regional Governance
  • Catriona Riddell  (Planning Officers Society) Perspective from the South East
  • Cinar Altun   ( Policy and secretariat manager, East of England Local Government Association) Promotiong strategic thinking and collaboration in the East
  • Corinne Swain ( Common Futures Network and Research Fellow, ARUP)
  • Martin Tedder  (Transport for London) Perspectives on transport planning for the London City Region
  • Madalina Ursu (GLA) The Mayor’s vision for infrastructure planning and delivery in London
  • John Lett
  • Prof Ian Gordon (LSE)  Demography and the future of the London’s Economy
  • Prof Michael Edwards (UCL/ Just Space) Towards a more equitable city region ?
  • Jorn Peters. (Senior Strategic Planner, GLA) The London Plan Review and the Wider SouthEast
  • Barney Stringer (Director, QUOD)
  • Andrew Jones (Practice Leader, Design, Planning, Economics. AECOM)

The seminar took place at the University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London  NW1 5LS on Monday 26 June 2017 from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

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