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Annual Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society Conference supported by the RSA East of England Branch.

The RSA will once again support the Annual Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society conference, this year entitled Rethinking the Political Economy of Place: Challenges of Productivity, Inclusion and Power Conference.

The conference will take place on Thursday 12 July and Friday 13 July 2019 from 9am to 6pm each day in the McGrath Conference Centre, at St Catharine’s College, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RL.

This conference is looking to shed new light on the challenges of productivity and inclusion faced by many cities, regions, nations and supranational institutions. The conference will set these challenges in a broader context and relate them to the implicit and explicit power structures and processes prevailing at various scales within contemporary capitalism, linking these issues to a range of other concerns such as the transition to more sustainable forms development, the weakening of representative democracy, engaging with ‘superdiverse’ populations, etc.

The conference welcomes contributions that comprise of conceptual discussions or empirical articles employing qualitative as well as quantitative methodologies within a range of geographical contexts.

Possible themes may include, among others:

  • Developments in income and wealth inequalities linked to patterns of uneven productivity growth, especially across the spatial economy.
  • The larger-scale processes, structures and policies potentially driving increasing inequalities and greater differences in productivity, such as ‘hyperglobalisation’, financialisation, new forms of exploitation and extraction, structural transformations in the economy, developments in artificial intelligence and robotics, ‘premature deindustrialisation’, etc.
  • Connecting the challenges of rising economic inequalities and the ‘productivity puzzle’ to other pressing issues, such as climate change and environmental degradation, the rise of populism and authoritarianism, increasing concentrations of unaccountable corporate power in finance, ‘big tech’, and media, etc.
  • Specifying the policy agenda of dealing with the twin challenges of combatting inequalities and improving productivity.
  • Substantiating, operationalising and ‘spatialising’ the Inclusive Growth concept and agenda.

Call for Papers Submissions

Speakers interested in presenting a paper at the conference or authors interested in publishing in the forthcoming Special Issue of CJRES devoted to this subject should submit an Abstract of about 400 words to Francis Knights by 1 March 2019.

Further details on the conference and the Call for Papers can be found here.

Please note: The East of England Branch is a limited agent for the Regional Studies Association but without any authority to incur financial liability for that Association.


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